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Everything You Missed In "I Love Me" By Demi Lovato

Everything You Missed In “I Love Me” By Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has made up her mind to make 2020 her year. After her drug overdose in 2018 that caused her to wind up in the hospital and then rehab, Demi is back stronger than ever.

On March 6th, Demi Lovato released a self love anthem called “I Love Me.” The first single from her upcoming seventh studio album. The song is about her journey towards self love and self acceptance. In the music video for the song, the whole build up is pointed towards the lyrics, “I wonder when I love me is enough?”

Demi Lovato

But that’s not all. Demi Lovato’s empowering “I Love Me” music video has a lot of ‘easter eggs’ for y’all and we’re here to break it down for you.

All The Easter Eggs In Demi Lovato’s New Anthem

All these ‘Easter eggs’ reference her journey from her Barney days to her current pop-star status. The video kick starts with Demi putting her MMA skills to good use as she battles her darker self. She ultimately wins and proceeds to move on.

She then walks out to the streets of New York and you can see her pass by previous versions of herself. There’s a mom taking her daughter to an audition. The stone cold pop-star guarded by an entourage. And the sweet Camp Rock setup featuring a Demi Lovato look alike.

The music video hints at The Jonas Brothers as a trio of brothers in shiny suits pass Demi. She even reaches out to a woman on a stretcher in one scene, a nod to her overdose. And in another scene, she looks at a bride and groom. Which could be a subtle hint at ex Wilmer Valderrama’s engagement news.

Some of Demi’s closest friends appeared on the video too.

Namely Sirah who she collabed with on “Waitin for You.” And actor Matthew Scott Montgomery, Demi’s “So Random” costar. She has previously praised these friends for “never leaving me in my darkest moments.”

All these hints Demi Lovato has in her new music video all speak for one thing. Demi embraces her past but at the same time, is ready to fight back. She’s stronger than ever. And she’s ready for a new chapter of her life. Because like she said, “she’s a 10 outta 10, even when she forgets it.”