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Everything wrong with Jeffree Star’s apology titled Doing What’s Right

The wait is over and Jeffree Star has finally uploaded his apology video that everyone was waiting for. Since the day Shane Dawson shared his apology video, and Tati Westbrook came up with another side of his story, people have been waiting for Jeffree to open up and stand for himself as well as Shane. Not only that, they also wanted him to apologize to James Charles, confirm whatever Tati Westbrook said in her video, confirm whether he really ditched Shane Dawson, and acknowledge everything done in his past. Well, he did apologize to James Charles and confirmed he is still closest to Shane Dawson. However, his apology titled Doing What’s Right seemed wrong at certain points to many.

Jeffree Star didn’t have a no-make-up look

If you have seen apology videos from the beauty community, or from YouTubers, they use the no-make-up look to appear more natural and down to earth. It’s a common understanding (or probably a misunderstanding, no hard rules on that) that appearing makeup-free means you do not want to hide anything from your fans and followers. It is also assumed that showing your raw natural skin to the world means you are not ashamed of your flaws. Jeffree Star takes good care of his skin. In fact, he Snapchats without makeup all the time.

So, when he uploaded the video, the look was a shock. Mostly because of the hair color. Jeffree Star wore bright yellow and pink streaks with light blonde shade near roots. Next, the lashes and mascara were on point. The light lipstick was on point. The highlighter was brighter than our future. His nail-art and ring were matching as well.


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I’ve missed you all so much 💖 Please watch my new video… link in my bio.

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The overall look and appearance

Jeffree Star was wearing a pink robe and socks. He confessed that in the past, he would react to situations in anger. And that really was not the right way to do it. However, now, he took his time to open up and apologize to James Charles and his fans.

The apology video has been fruitful for his fans who wanted him to break his silence. However, the other side of the internet, who is not really a part of Team Jeffree, did not like the frame set. Too many details were included in the frame. And that couch color was actually pretty distracting.

Jeffree Star Apology

Jeffree Star

Promoting his own brand

Many believe that Jeffree Star should have kept his focus on the apology video only. He took his time to open up and break his silence. However, many believe he was deflecting from the main topic by asking his fans to wait for his upcoming Jeffree Star Cosmetics products.

Jeffree Star has already launched 9 new shades during his silence period. He is working on more of the lip colors and palettes. Even though Morphe has cut ties with Jeffree Star, and reduced the prices of his cosmetics just to get it cleared from their stock. Jeffree is proving that he does not really need Morphe on his side.

Jeffree Star & BLM movement

In his video, Jeffree Star also asked his viewers to focus on the Black Lives Matter Movement. He said his doors are open for everyone and that was really good to hear. However, it’s not sitting well with many.

What are your thoughts on the video? We are glad that Jeffree Star finally broke his silence. But could the apology be made better? Was there room for improvement? The haters will always find something to hate and the followers will always find something to keep following him. Oh, and do you think Shane Dawson will share his side of the story as well now?

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