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Even Amidst Scandal, Logan Paul Makes $14.5 Million

Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul made it to the list of highly paid YouTubers and earned almost $14.5 million just amidst a scandal.

This year, Logan Paul made it to the Forbes list of highest-paid YouTubers. Apparently, his profits and earnings are enough to secure the tenth place on the list for him. But surprisingly, his income experienced some great swifts following the release of his what could have been a career-ending video. Although several of his films were dropped, and he was canceled, Logan Paul’s earnings kept on increasing each year. And interestingly enough, he still made most of his money from YouTube adverts.

But what helped him stay in the list of highest-paid YouTubers was his merchandise line. His YouTube fans remained loyal to him despite all major controversies, bringing him more views and profits than ever. And then again, Logan Paul keeps finding ways that bring him attention and cash. With that said, let’s not forget his widely viewed fight against fellow YouTuber KSI.

Logan Paul Continues Making $$$ from Controversy

Ten months back Logan Paul uploaded a video of filming with his crew while coming across an apparent suicide victim in a Japan’s so-called “suicide forest.” Normally, it seems like such a video has the potential to completely ruin his career. But for Logan Paul, things remained very favorable. If anything, his income doubled, and he rose to become one of the highest-paid YouTubers. Despite being dropped from YouTube’s Google Preferred program, which gives favorable ad rates to popular channels, and having movie projects canceled, his income remained swift. In fact, his YouTube followers remained as loyal as they could. His apology video on the channel successfully gathered 52.8 million views.

Before taxes and fees between June of 2017 and 2018, Logan Paul made approximately figure of $14.5 million. And the figures went up 16% from the 12.5 million that he earned in the year prior to this one. So that brings this controversial YouTuber on to No. 10 on Forbes’ annual Highest-Paid YouTube Star list.

What might come off as a surprise to many is that Paul continued to make a majority of his income from his YouTube advertisements. But maybe that’s because the figures include the five months prior to the release of his unfortunate video in Japan. Other than that, Logan Paul makes some generous sums of money from his merchandise line, Maverick. This clothing brand brings about an estimated $10 million in annual revenue. Maybe more than regular retail brands because Logan Paul makes his collection available only online and through limited pop-up shops.

YouTube fans remained loyal despite his controversies and public backlash. What gathered him more money, and popularity was his latest fight with KSI which millions of people watched.

So Logan Paul is nowhere near exiting the list of highest-paid YouTubers!

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