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Eugenia Cooney keeps supporting Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson may not have a lot of fans online anymore, but he still has loyal friends. Trisha Paytas and Jeffree Star are the few close friends that are not leaving him. But there’s also Eugenia Cooney who is quite vocal about her friendship and support for friend Shane Dawson. She’s focusing on who he is now and urging everyone to forgive a person and not keep fixating on the flaws.

The history of Eugenia Cooney and Shane Dawson

In July of last year, Shane Dawson did an episode on Eugenia Cooney. She was a popular YouTuber that many people believed to have an eating disorder. She got thinner and thinner to the point of people worrying a lot about her. Then she suddenly disappeared before coming back online. Shane wanted to do a video on her to tell the world about her recovery process. This got a lot of positive feedback since the video had a good message in it. But Eugenia’s former friend, Jaclyn Glenn made a video explaining that the recovery process was much harder than Eugenia made it out to be. Moreover, she explains that Eugenia might still be in danger because she doesn’t think Eugenia’s family has her best interest at heart.

Neither Shane nor Eugenia addressed these claims publicly or privately. After the video came out of Eugenia and Shane, they both continued to have a good friendship. She even supported him during his makeup endeavors.

After the drama surrounding Shane Dawson popped up, Eugenia Cooney doesn’t back down from supporting him

Some friends of Shane Dawson have taken a different stance and aren’t supporting him anymore. One of which includes Blaire White who wanted to look at pedophilia controversy surrounding him and wanted to ensure that the truth gets out. Even though she doesn’t have any evidence that Shane is a predator that took advantage of children, she wanted to not be biassed towards him and condemned the pedophilic jokes he made. However, Eugenia Cooney is taking a different approach.

Initially, before Shane’s drama with Tati Westbrook occurred and the Willow Smith video was circulating online, Shane was already facing a lot of hate. It was because of his very old Blackface videos.

Hence Eugenia Cooney posted this general message on Twitter:

It makes me so upset seeing what a cruel and toxic place social media can be sometimes… 🙁 Good people’s lives can senselessly be destroyed in an instant because of hate mob mentality, and people being so quick to judge and condemn others really makes me sad.
She also wanted people to not spread hate:
If you see someone getting a lot of hate online, PLEASE don’t just join in on it and spread more negative energy… We’re all humans and think about how you might feel if it were you in that position.
Plus she stated that we need to be more understanding of one another:
Nothing good has ever come out of hate. Love and understanding is what we need. None of us are perfect, but our struggles and growth to be better people should be praised, not destroyed.
In all of the replies of these tweets, people were not liking the fact that Eugenia is defending Shane Dawson:

Then she started to directly support Shane Dawson

She also posted videos doing makeup with Shane and Jeffree’s products:

Then she reiterated the fact that we shouldn’t judge others:

“Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones” we’ve ALL made mistakes and done or said things that maybe we’d do differently if we could go back in time. Don’t judge someone else when none of us are perfect.
Then she retweeted Brittani Louise Taylor’s message of supporting Shane Dawson and agreed with her:

She also agreed with another friend that’s still supporting Shane Dawson, Trisha Paytas:

She also wished him on his birthday, calling him an amazing friend:

Then she also again urged everyone to not stop supporting their friends:

Please don’t ever turn your back on a friend when they’re going through a hard time or based upon what other people say about them. The hardest times are when we should be there and support our friends the most. Stick by your friends and the people you care about.

This did not go over well for Eugenia Cooney as many people are telling her to stop supporting him. But she’s proving herself to be a loyal friend.

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