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Eugenia Cooney's community is not safe for kids?

Eugenia Cooney’s community is not safe for kids?

Eugenia Cooney, the famous YouTuber, and streamer returned to the streaming and vlogs world in July 2019. She took a break from the internet when she joined the rehab facility for her eating disorder. Her fans truly wanted the best for her and they wanted to see her well. They all got a major surprise when Shane Dawson uploaded a vlog with Eugenia, in a video titled The Return of Eugenia Cooney. Her fans were excited to see her with better health and a fresher look. But after a year, her fans are again worried about Eugenia losing health again. Moreover, a few have even come forward with shocking information about her community.

Major issues with Eugenia Cooney’s community

Many issues have been brought forward by some of her community’s ex-members. Eugenia Cooney is a streamer and she has a good fan following. When Shane Dawson helped her come back on the social media, fans were really excited to see her back. Somewhere along the journey, many people forgot that Eugenia is a 26-years-old lady and she is not a child. Unfortunately, the receipts circulating on the internet are putting a question mark on Eugenia’s ability to run her community and taking proper decisions for protecting her underage fans.

In a streamer’s community, the streamer has a few moderators, or mods, to help the streamer with her community. Just like any other social media app, mods are supposed to keep the content friendly as per the target market. However, many allegations have been circulating on Reddit stating that there are at least three predators in Eugenia Cooney’s community. Particularly, her moderators. One of them is an ex-mod that was banned when things were not in favor of Eugenia, was a registered s*x offender. This Reddit thread states that Eugenia was unwilling to ban that mod. However, many fans pressurized her in doing so. The major issue is, Eugenia knew the guy’s history and she still kept him as a moderator. The guy himself was very open about his crimes as well.

The second mod, 29-years-old, was grooming underage girls and blackmailing them. The Reddit thread poster told Eugenia about it, and Eugenia didn’t take any step in her favor. The victim confirms that she is still suffering from PTSD. She was 14 at that time (now 16). The third mod was arrested for child p*rn. This thread was posted on Reddit 2 months ago.

Latest issues

The main issue highlighted in other receipts as well is that Eugenia Cooney’s community is not age-restricted. Some of her mods talk explicitly, and that is not safe for kids. Other victims have also come forward and claimed that a few of Eugenia’s moderators fish out young fans and that clearly is predatory behavior.

Pastel Belle, a YouTuber, came forward with a video where she discussed that Eugenia Cooney needs to address the problems on her platforms. It is not a hate video. Rather, it is an awareness video and a request to Eugenia to come forward.

Eugenia Cooney fans
Pastel Belle YouTube

How Eugenia Cooney is addressing the issue?

Eugenia Cooney has not directly addressed the issues. However, she has been posting some tweets that seem to take a jab at the people that are coming forward with receipts against her mods.

Some of the tweets do sound logical. However, they do not fit in her platforms’ issue.

Recently, she also tweeted that people should not believe the twisted stories of others.

Do you believe the “victims” are twisting the stories? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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