Eugenia Cooney’s beach pictures worries fans for setting a wrong example for young girls

Eugenia Cooney is a popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer. However, she’s also been more famous due to her sudden disappearance from all social media a few years ago. She returned and informed her audience that she had been to a rehab facility for her eating disorder.

How she came back from her rehab center

She came on Shane Dawson’s channel to detail the story of her recovery experience. In it, she talked about how her friends “forced” her to go to a recovery center. Though, the video Shane made became quite controversial as right after the video, Eugenia started to appear thinner in her social media posts again. So much so that people started to genuinely worry about her health and asked her to get help.

While this was happening Eugenia Cooney’s former friend, Jaclyn Glenn, also shared how she was the one who called the mental health professionals who would check on Eugenia. The mental health professionals were the ones who determined that Cooney needed to go to a facility to recover from her eating disorder. Glenn says she and her friends were worried about Eugenia’s health and that her family was not doing anything to ensure she was okay. Jaclyn says she and her friends were trying to help Eugenia, even though Eugenia doesn’t agree with them.

Because I really do feel like she views the fact that she had to go somewhere as my doing. As though like I’m the one who forced her into this place. But in reality, it wasn’t just me. It was a group of her closest friends. I’m sure she’ll deny that now. But a group of us sat down with her told her our concerns and had a mental health professional show up who could evaluate her. Actually there were two women who showed up that wanted to speak with her. And decided then after their conversation with her she needed to go into some kind of rehab facility. I did not force her anywhere. And I can’t legally do that. I don’t have that right.

Later on, Jaclyn Glenn also urged Shane Dawson to help Eugenia Cooney since she was not willing to listen to Glenn. In her video, she addressed Shane directly:

Shane, you got a lot of pats on the back. Everybody thought you were some kind of hero for bringing her back into the spotlight where people could then watch her give back into this negative behavior that clearly has taken over again. Where are you now? Where is Shane now?

Jaclyn Glenn also called out Kati Morton, the marriage and family therapist who advised Jaclyn that Eugenia needed professional help initially. Morton had changed her stance and claimed that she had no idea about what Cooney went through when she appeared in Shane Dawson’s video about Cooney.

Eugenia Cooney posted a picture on the beach which led to many commenting on how thin she’s got

Now, months later Eugenia Cooney has retained her audience and regularly posts on her social media. Many fans ask her to get help and voice their concerns over all the pictures she posts. Recently, she posted some pictures of herself at the beach. Many people were calling her out for “setting a bad example” for young girls.

The young girls look up to her and see her body as something they would want for themselves too. Even though her body isn’t a healthy one and she’s getting too thin at a worrying rate. One fan shared how she was negatively influencing impressionable young girls and that she needed to get help:

You literally have no idea what you’re doing to the young girls who follow you when you post this type of content.
Furthermore, they added how Cooney cared more about fame than her fans:
You were getting better when you came back, and I see that’s now tanked. You obviously care more about your fame than the lives of your fans. Please get help.
When another fan said that there was no need to worry that much since Eugenia Cooney had gotten help for her eating disorder, the same user countered:
Calm down a bit? She’s dying. Literally before our eyes. She’s smaller now than she was when she came back. I beat an eating disorder and still have an unhealthy relationship with food. I have two daughters, one who battles with self image.
fight between fans of eugenia cooney

One fan of Eugenia Cooney commented saying how concerned they were for her:

i’m in tears. This is the worst picture you’ve posted yet…Eugenia you NEED to get help. Please. I’m in tears at this point. I’ve been there. I’ve been sick. And I’ve been thin [not this far but close] you’ll feel so much better once you get help…i’m begging you
The negative influence that she’s having on young girls is evident when one fan commented on Eugenia’s beach pictures saying that she wishes she was as thin as her. To this, another fan said that they actually shouldn’t want to be as thin as Eugenia because it’s not healthy.
Eugenia Fans Tweeting

Another user asked if Eugenia Cooney realizes how her actions can be damaging to young girls:

I don’t think you’ve ever looked so ill, you’ve obviously relapsed and it’s very sad to see but do you not realise how damaging this could be for younger girls? Or don’t you care?

As some fans send their praise, many more are concerned for her well-being and wish she listens to them

One fan also got serious in the comment section talking about how some of Eugenia Cooney’s fans were only ‘enabling’ her eating disorder and weren’t true fans. By commenting positive remarks about her pictures where she’s too thin to an unhealthy degree, they were only making matters worse. The user said that people who are actually genuinely trying to help her are disregarded by her as “haters”. They also urged her to “listen to the right people”

fans urges eugenia get help Eugenia Cooney

One person even commented saying that perhaps it would be better if she didn’t receive any attention at all. Any response from the public, whether positive or negative, is feeding into her eating disorder and making her more unhealthy:

There really isn’t any winning. She thrives off of these “get better please” comments. It shows her that she’s “correct” in her weight. Positive or negative comments, she loves it all. Only way to maybe have her get help is for everyone to just stop giving her any attention.
Hopefully, Eugenia Cooney gets the help she needs.
If you or someone you know is suffering from an eating disorder. You can contact the national helpline at 1-800-931-2237 for help. You can also visit their official website, National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA).

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