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Ethan Klein’s mom reveals text message which Trisha Paytas claims traumatized her

In the Klein/Paytas drama, Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein's mom have come face to face. Both are hurling insults and calling each other out.

It seems that the world will end before Klein/Paytas stopped feuding. In a strange turn of events, Ethan Klein‘s mom, Donna, has joined the Trisha Paytas bashing party. Recently, she appeared on her son’s podcast, Families, and shared a text she sent to Ethan’s brother-in-law. As is the norm, Paytas had to respond in a video.

Before we jump into the actual topic, let’s recap to how and when the feud started.

Initially, it was Ethan Klein who called out Trisha Paytas for heavily editing their pictures. This did not sit well with Paytas and they responded by calling him a piece of s**t. At the same time, they told him how damaging body shaming can be. After they both went back and forth with insults and trolling, Paytas and Klein started hosting a podcast, Frenemies. During the COVID-19 quarantine, Paytas got engaged to Klein’s brother-in-law, Moses. However, the podcast collaboration did not last and Trisha Paytas left. Recently, they appeared on Keemstar’s podcast, Mom’s Basement. This appearance did not make Klein happy as he and Keemstar are arch enemies. Now Ethan Klein’s mom has also joined him in bashing Trisha Paytas.

After Paytas left, Ethan Klein’s mom joined him in hosting Families podcast

When Trisha Paytas appeared on Keemstar’s podcast, Ethan Klein felt betrayed and disappointed. However, he was not the only one who disapproved of it. Ethan Klein’s mom, Donna, came forward with her own bashing and took her son’s side. In a tweet, she called Paytas a weasel. This further angered Paytas who called Klein a hypocrite for hiding behind his parents. At the same time, Trisha Paytas announced that Ethan Klein’s mom will not be invited to her wedding with Moses.

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In a recent episode of Families podcast, Ethan Klein’s mom shared a text she sent to Moses

Ethan Klein Mom Reveals Text Message Which Trisha Paytas Claims Traumatized Her

In the episode titled What Did My Mom Text Trisha?, Ethan Klein’s mom revealed that she warned Moses to stop the fight. Furthermore, she shared the entire text with her son and the viewers. In the text, Ethan Klein’s mom wrote:

If your sister has a miscarriage because of this stress, I will hold you and Trisha responsible. Stop this nonsense. ENOUGH!

At the moment, Ethan Klein’s wife, Hila is pregnant with their third child. The text is a reference to the stressful situation the entire family is facing due to the feud. Although he thought the text was a bit harsh, Ethan Klein admitted that he also had this thought.

Ethan Klein's mom, Trisha Paytas

When Paytas saw the episode, they instantly replied back.

Not only were they upset with Ethan Klein’s mom to share personal details, Paytas also thought that she was being targeted unfairly. At the same time, they accused Ethan of harassing them and threatened to sue the entire family. In a tweet, they wrote:

I haven’t spoken one bad word about Hila through all this. Not just because she’s pregnant but also because I don’t have issue with her. My issue has always been with Ethan but he has dragged and gotten everyone in his life involved because he is a coward.

At the moment, all is quiet on all fronts. Let’s see what new drama unfolds tomorrow.

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