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Ethan Klein Trolls Donald Trump Jr, Tricking Him To Congratulate Him On His "New Business" In Paid Cameo

Ethan Klein trolls Donald Trump Jr, tricking him to congratulate him on his “new Business” in Paid Cameo

Ethan Klein trolls Donald Trump Jr, tricking him to congratulate Ethan on his new business "Leftovers" in a paid cameo.

There are few YouTubers who are as creative in trolling conservatives as Ethan Klein. The H3 podcast host this time targetted the son of the former President of the United States, Donald Trump Jr. In his new podcast called ‘Leftovers’ with guest Hasan Piker, Ethan thought he would want to be congratulated over his new ‘business’. And that’s exactly what Trump Jr did, or was tricked into doing.

Ethan Klein tricks Donald Trump junior for a $500 cameo

Ethan Klein Trolls Donald Trump Jr, Tricking Him To Congratulate Him On His "New Business" In Paid Cameo
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As we all know, after the catastrophe that was the end of Frenemies, Ethan Klein decided to move on from Trisha Paytas and formed a new podcast alliance with Hasan Piker. Calling it ‘Leftovers,’ Ethan has been discussing a lot of politics on his new podcast. In the second episode named ‘Steven Crowder Freaks Out Over Black James Bond,’ Ethan decided to let his crew and his guest enjoy a special wish from Donald Trump Jr.

In the wish, Donald Trump Jr was under the impression that Ethan Klein was some small business owner who opened a new store named ‘Leftovers’. Trump Jr began by saying:

Ethan, Maria tells me that you’re a small business owner about to open a new store “Leftovers”. And I just wanted to give you guys a shoutout of well wishes. Good luck with all of that. I love that entrepreneurial spirit still exists, despite some challenging times. But, just plow through. Keep going. Never give up. I hope you can live that incredible American Dream of Entrepreneurship.

Moreover, Donald Trump Jr commended Ethan Klein for starting this business in such difficult times, saying:

We need more just hardworking patriots like yourself. And in these difficult times and with the craziness that surrounds us on a daily basis, I think more and more people are starting to understand why. So, good luck. I wish you all the best success in the world and I look forward to seeing you guys soon.

His staff also approached other Republicans for a paid cameo

This video cost Ethan Klein a total of $500, which made him think just why was this wish worth Trump Jr’s time. He even thought he might be having financial troubles, with Hasan suggesting “Daddy Trump” (Donald Trump) might be holding the faucet. Ethan also commented on the awkward pause Trump Jr took in cutting the video, taunting that this video might be the first request he got.

The crew had initially thought of using both Ethan and Hasan’s names in the cameo. But, they thought that would blow the cover away. Moreover, they also approached Rudi Guliani for a paid cameo as well, but they didn’t respond to their request. Guiliani most likely figured out what was going on I guess. You can watch the cameo from the time stamp at 47 seconds:

Ethan Klein

Ethan has in the past trolled several conservatives, most notably Steven Crowder

That said, Donald Trump Jr is far from being the only conservative who fell for Ethan Klein’s tricks. Previously, Ethan invited Crowder for a debate on the H3 Podcast. However, Etha surprised Crowder by bringing on Sam Seder, a liberal commentator who Crowder had been avoiding for quite some time. Crowder pretty much harangued both Seder and Ethan and left without actually engaging in any debate. Simply put, it was quite a spectacle. For now, we’ll have to wait and see how Trump Jr reacts to this troll.

Ethan Klein

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