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Ethan Klein & Trisha Paytas talk about James Charles’ comeback

Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas talk about James Charles' return to social media after allegations of grooming and s*xting with minors surfaced against him.

After multiple allegations of grooming and s*xting with minors surfaced against James Charles, it seems that the social media celebrity is back on social media. He returned to Instagram on his birthday, thanking everyone for the wishes and multiple verified accounts congratulated him as well. However, Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas were not one of them. In fact, they criticized the celebrities who embraced James in his comments, calling them out for supporting a predator.

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Ethan Klein & Trisha Paytas talk about James Charles

Ethan Klein & Trisha Paytas talk about James Charles comeback

In the 37th episode of the Frenemies podcast, Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein got together for a two-hour-long episode and talked in great length. One of the topics they discussed, however, was James Charles. After the social media personality returned to Instagram, the podcast hosts were quite astonished by the number of verified accounts that commented in support of James. They also highlighted the fact that James got almost 2 million likes on his post, showing how many in the public had embraced him. During their podcast, Ethan and Trisha called out several celebrities who endorsed James, such as Jason Nash. Here’s the excerpt from their podcast:

This was especially discomforting for Ethan Klein as well as Trisha Paytas because the allegations against James Charles were quite serious. This included him s*xting with 17 fans on social media, 12 of which were underage – the youngest of which was 14. So far, no one has pressed charges against James. And the messages were quite gross. That is not something that Ethan believes one can move on from easily. And Trisha shared the same sentiments. Earlier in March when the allegations surfaced, Trisha called James an “actual predator” tweeting:

I’ll say without a shadow of a doubt James Charles is the ONLY creator that deserves to be banned and stripped from all social platform. He’s abusing it by s*xting with MINORS!!!!!!!!!! repeated behavior happening as recent as a few days ago. This is an actual predator/ ped*phile

Furthermore, Ethan Klein did not shy away from voicing his disgust against Charles as well. He repeatedly urged people to “call anyone out” that associated with James. You can watch the podcast episode below:

Ethan Klein

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