Ethan Klein removes Frenemies episode where Trisha Paytas accused high school teacher of molesting her

Recently, Ethan Klein removed an episode of the Frenemies podcast, stating that Trisha Paytas made false allegations against their high school teacher of molesting them.

It is no secret that Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas are at war with each other. From calling out each other in public to involving family members, they do not hold back. However, things seem to be getting serious. Recently, Klein deleted one of the episodes of the Frenemies podcast from his H3 Podcast channel. According to him, Paytas made false allegations of sexual assault against a school teacher.

Ethan Klein, Trisha Paytas

Despite its success, Frenemies podcast was riddled with controversy

From the beginning, it was clear that the hosts did not get along. Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas began their collaboration because of a dispute. While Paytas accused Klein of body shaming, he criticized them for using transgenders for their own benefit. In the end, they both started co-hosting the Frenemies podcast. During the lockdown, Paytas started dating Ethan Klein’s brother-in-law, Moses. This was the beginning of a never-ending feud. However, things seemed to smoothly for a while. In June this year, Paytas announced that they were quitting Frenemies due to ownership issues. Despite that, the feud did not end.

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After they left the podcast, Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas continued their fight on social media

While Paytas made several YouTube videos and countless tweets, Ethan Klein also did not hold back. The viewers got a minute-by-minute update from Paytas who also accused Klein of sexualizing them on the podcast. In response to that, Klein said that it made him extremely upset. At the same time, he thought it was very disturbing as he considered them his friend. A few weeks ago, Paytas appeared on Keemstar’s podcast, Mom’s Basement. Once again, their action made Klein sad. In the end, he blocked Paytas from Twitter.

Recently, Klein removed an episode from Frenemies, claiming Paytas made false allegations of molestation

In an episode of Frenemies, Trisha Paytas accused one of their high school teacher of molesting them. They also claimed that they were not the only victim. At the same time, Paytas said that the teacher was arrested and served time for having ch**d p****graphy.

However, Ethan Klein has removed that episode from YouTube. According to him, their claims might be false and need more investigation. In a tweet, he explained why he has decided to remove the video. He wrote:

Upon further review, these claims seem to contradict available evidence. Because of the nature of these claims, and the stress it’s causing to his family, I have decided to unlist the episode for now until Trisha can better illuminate the situation.

Furthermore, Ethan Klein wrote:

I want to emphasize that I do not believe Trisha would lie about something like this, so I want to give her the opportunity to clarify. But in the meantime, because the teacher has passed on and cannot defend himself, I feel obligated to remove it for now.

So far, Trisha Paytas has not responded to this. However, they definitely will and we will be waiting.

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