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Ethan Klein slams FaZe Banks over an alleged crypto scandal

Ethan Klein slams FaZe Banks over an alleged crypto scandal

There is a controversy going on that involves FaZe Banks in a cryptocurrency scheme scandal and Ethan Klein slammed Banks on it.

FaZE Banks has been a part of a cryptocurrency controversy throughout July 2021. Fans have questioned him a lot and now Ethan Klein has also spoken about this matter as well.

Recently, FaZe revealed that it was his call to remove Kay, and suspend Jarvis, Teeqo, and Nikan because of a ‘pump and dump’ crypto scam with an altcoin called Save The Kids and has maintained that it’s unlikely that they’ll be allowed back. Furthermore, FaZe has denied being any kind of personal involvement in the crypto scandal. He said that he has never taken part in any ‘pump and dump’ or ‘rug pull’ crypto schemes, but people don’t trust his words, saying that everyone involved in this scheme has been removed. The members of FaZe Clan who were removed have not responded to any statement yet. Banks might have said that he had no involvement in this scheme, but people are not ready to believe him, and Ethan Klein is one of them.

After FaZe got accused of pumping and dumping crypto, many people have called him out and one of them is fellow YouTuber, Ethan Klein. Ethan said on his famous H3H3 Frenemies podcast, along with his wife Hild Klein, how FaZe is responsible for the scam just as much as the others.

Ethan Klein calls out FaZe Banks!

Ethan is never the one to shy away from saying what’s on his mind. When the crypto scandal involving Banks emerged, FaZe was quick to deny having any part in the scheme. He said that people who were involved have been removed but he had no part in it. FaZe tweeted about the whole crypto situation, but Ethan was having none of it. Ethan said:

I don’t think that’s going to hold up in court, kid. It’s easy to be successful when you’re just stealing money from your fans. I don’t know if I would call that success, though. I mean, I’m not worried about the FBI arresting me for fraud

Ethan is not okay with everything that is going down regarding the FaZe Clan situation. FaZe has not responded to Ethan’s statement but we are sure he is not going to stay quiet for long. As far as the legal implications of this case are concerned, we don’t know how the FBI will investigate him.