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Ethan Klein says Trisha Paytas looked like a beggar on a street corner in a recent TikTok live session

Ethan Klein and his H3 podcast co-hosts make fun of Trisha Paytas meditation video. Klein calls them beggar on the street.

It seems that Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas are unable to move on from the drama. Recently, Paytas did a live session where they practiced meditation with their fans. However, people threw virtual tomatoes at them during the session. On the latest episode of his podcast, Klein poked fun at Paytas and their changing religious beliefs. At the same time, he called them a beggar on the street. Previously, he claimed that his family will not be attending their wedding with Moses Hacmon.

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It would not be wrong to say that Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas’ feud is as old as time.

In 2019, Klein criticized people including Paytas for heavily editing their photos on social media apps. While he moved on, Paytas grabbed this opportunity and ranted about online bullying. They accused the H3H3 podcast host of bullying young girls and damaging their self-esteem. At the same time, they dragged his wife, Hila, and suggested that she divorce him. However, things took a dramatic turn when they asked Ethan Klein to appear on the podcast. After a few more arguments, the two YouTubers collaborated and Frenemies came into being. During the pandemic, Paytas started dating Hila’s brother, Moses Hacmon, and got engaged in December last year. Since then, things started to get bad between the podcast co-hosts. In June this year, Paytas quit the Frenemies for good.

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Despite the end of Frenemies, the two kept feuding on social media

After Ethan Klein accused Trisha Paytas of lying about SA, things got worse for the YouTuber. Shortly after, Klein’s tweet, people started to cancel them and they had to face a lot of backlashes. A few weeks back, Paytas was bashed for faking spirituality. Similarly, their dining room chairs which are made of real rabbit fur became a trending topic. Once again, people criticized them for animal cruelty. On his podcast, Ethan Klein reacted to the video and announced that he or his family will not be attending Paytas and Hamon’s wedding. He also claimed that no one is in contact with the couple.

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Recently, Ethan Klein poked fun at Paytas and their meditation live session

As we all know that Trisha Paytas has started their spiritual journey. At the same time, they have started doing live meditation sessions on social media apps. This week, Paytas held a live meditation session on TikTok. During the session, they did deep breathing and kept chanting, ‘OM’. However, there was another thing happening during the session. On TikTok, people can buy emoji gifts for the creators and send them to them during the live sessions. However, people chose to throw tomatoes at Trisha Paytas. After the video came out, Ethan Klein reacted to it and poked fun at the YouTuber. Initially, he and his co-hosts kept laughing but were also curious about the tomatoes. During the show, Ethan Klein said:

So tomatoes are a bigger investments? Or are they just for few cents people are sending her? She’s literally a beggar on the street and people a flicking pennies at her.

Ethan Klein, Trisha Paytas

While it might sound mean, Paytas’ video was actually funny. So far, they have not responded to Ethan Klein but we all know that they most definitely will. Stay tuned for more drama!

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