Ethan Klein responds to Trisha Paytas’s wedding with his brother-in-law, and no one saw it coming!

In the latest episode of the H3 podcast, Ethan Klein addressed Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon's wedding in the most peculiar way.

If you were expecting Ethan Klein to stay quiet about Trisha Paytas’ wedding, you would be disappointed. In the latest episode of his podcast, he responded to his brother-in-law’s wedding in a peculiar way. Since he and Paytas started feuding a few months ago, Klein and his wife, Hila, had decided not to attend the wedding. Therefore, they did not even receive an invitation. However, the H3 podcast host could not help himself and made a snarky remark.

A few weeks ago, Ethan Klein revealed that he or his family will not attend Moses Hacmon’s wedding.

Although both parties were at fault, Klein tried to make Paytas the bigger villain. From calling them out for wrongly accusing their high school teacher to poking fun at their taste, Klein has done it all to insult Trisha Paytas. Even though Moses Hacmon is his brother-in-law, he did not stop viciously attacking the couple in public. After Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein had a huge fight that lasted for months, he came to the conclusion that he will cut ties with them forever. Therefore, Klein revealed that he will not attend the wedding. At the same time, he also disclosed that Hila or her family will not be attending the wedding. True to their word, Ethan Klein and his family were not there to see Paytas and Hacmon say I do.

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Finally, Paytas and Hacmon tied the knot in a lavish ceremony.

Although Moses Hacmon is Ethan Klein and Hila’s family member, he has always stood by his wife. Therefore, he got married to Trisha Paytas without his family’s presence. As is the norm with Trisha Paytas, people had much to say about their wedding ceremony. From criticizing their black dress to noticing that the venue was practically empty, people talked about it on social media non-stop. Similarly, Hacmon revealed that he was not allowed to leave the venue. According to him, the security told him that Paytas did not want him to leave until after the wedding. However, they denied this.

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After the wedding, people were curious about Ethan Klein’s response

Although he or his wife did not attend the wedding, people wanted to know what Ethan Klein thought about it. Needless to say, he did respond in the latest episode of his podcast. However, the response was peculiar and hilarious. Initially, Ethan Klein casually mentioned the wedding and expressed his desire to talk about it. However, then he hinted that maybe he would talk about it at the end. When his co-hosts urged him, he admitted that Hila called him and asked to not talk about it. Furthermore, Ethan Klein said;

I mean its silly to ignore it. It happened, it was a huge thing, people are talking about it.

Similarly, when his co-hosts said that they were happy for the couple, he said:

Well, not everyone’s happy. People are dissecting every little detail. There’s actually a lot of controversy that came out of it, even in this short time. So I guess I have to talk about it. Forgive me, Hila.

Then suddenly, Ethan Klein starts talking about Yankee’s Aaron Judges wedding that happened recently. To this, his co-hosts started clapping. Interestingly, he avoided Trisha Paytas’ wedding and did not once mention it. It’s a hilarious way to build up the suspense and then completely avoid the topic. Let’s see if Paytas will have anything to say about it.

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