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Ethan Klein Responds To Anti-Semitic Comments Against Him By YouTuber

Ethan Klein responds to anti-Semitic comments against him by YouTuber

After a YouTuber made offensive anti-Semitic jokes, Hila and Ethan Klein responded in a video. They said they do not know what Jew jokes are.

Recently, a YouTuber claimed that Ethan Klein cannot take Jew jokes. In response to this, Klein and his wife, Hila made a video. According to them, the jokes are anti-Semitic and highly offensive. At the same time, the H3H3 Production founder claimed to be pretty chill about any humor directed towards him. Despite that, he seemed upset about the comments. In the past, Trisha Paytas also made anti-Semitic jokes but apologized later. It is to be noted that Paytas is engaged to Hila’s brother, Moses Hacmon, who is also of Jewish heritage.

Ethan Klein

Previously, Trisha Paytas joked about being ‘Jewy’ to Ethan Klein

A few months back, Trisha Paytas and Klein had a fallout. After a massive back and forth argument, Paytas shared screenshots of texts to justify themself. However, the screenshots backfired and people criticized them for making anti-Semitic jokes. In one of the texts, Paytas and Ethan Klein discussed splitting the earnings of Frenemies podcast. While Paytas wanted 55/45, Klein suggested 60/40. To which, Paytas said:

OMG I was like so Jewy.

The joke is in reference to a stereotype about Jews being greedy. Shortly after, people slammed Paytas for the joke and they had to apologize in a series of tweets. They said:

It was my sense of humor at the time. And it was a repeated joke I made at the time – it wasn’t malicious but it’s still gross. It was only this year on an episode did Ethan explain to me why it’s offensive to stereotype jewish people as cheap. Like it never really registered.

Ethan Klein

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Recently, Ethan Klein & Hila Klein responded to anti-Semitic jokes made by another YouTuber

Ethan Klein Responds To Anti-Semitic Comments Against Him By YouTuber

In a video, Jamari, a YouTuber, claimed that Ethan Klein is famous for not taking ‘Jews jokes’. At the same time, he said that Klein is a greedy Jew and took started a GoFundMe to collect money. However, he never explained where that money went. In response to that, Ethan and Hila Klein made a video. Clearly, he did not understand if he was supposed to make “Jew jokes”. Similarly, Hila wanted to know what Jew jokes are. At the same time, they started listing jokes like Jews are greedy, Ethan Klein has a big nose, people try to exterminate you, etc. After that, Klein claimed that he is pretty chill and can take such jokes. Furthermore, Ethan said:

You guys have no idea how many anti-Semitic and racist comments I get every day on the internet. And I try to be as cool as possible. I mean, we literally got death threats from a white nationalist, we got swatted from actually f**king na*is.

In the end, he said that he does not want to compare but calling someone greedy Jew is similar to N-word for Jews.

Ethan Klein

Whether you like him or not, racist comments against Ethan Klein are a new low. No one should have to face this kind of hate.

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