Ethan Klein reacts to Trisha Paytas joking about his Tourette’s, but TikTok took it down

After Ethan Klein responded to Paytas' claim of joking about his Tourette's, TikTok took down his video for violating guidelines.

Since June this year, Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas have been feuding. For months, they have been calling each other out. Unfortunately, things seem to be getting worse with every passing day. Recently, Paytas claimed that Klein is portraying them as a villain. In an interview, they said that joking about his Tourette’s was in good humor and he knew it. After that, Klein responded to it in a TikTok video. However, TikTok took it down and labeled it as hate speech.

Interestingly, Frenemies was also a result of a feud between Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein

After calling each other names on social media, the two came together to form a podcast called Frenemies. For months, it held a position as one of the most-watched podcasts on YouTube. However, things could not last long. During the pandemic, Paytas started to date Klein’s brother-in-law, Moses Hacmon. This did not sit well with Ethan Klein and his wife, Hila. However, everyone wished them well and moved on. Shortly after, the couple got engaged. In June, Ethan Klein and Paytas ended the podcast. According to Paytas, the feud began with an ownership dispute. Since then, they have been in an ongoing social media war.

Ethan Klein

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Recently, Paytas revealed that jokes they made about Klein’s Tourette’s were in good humor

After their feud, Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas claimed that they will not talk about each other. While Klein blocked them on Twitter, Paytas stayed quiet for a few days. However, it seems that they cannot stop themselves. In an interview, Trisha Paytas revealed that they were good friends and would also joke about Klein’s Tourette’s. They also revealed that he was okay with it and took them as jokes. However, since the feud, Ethan Klein has made Paytas be a villain. He calls them anti-Semitic and ablest when he knew that they were clearly joking.

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In response to this, Ethan Klein made a TikTok video which was removed after few hours

After Trisha Paytas’ interview went viral, Ethan Klein took to TikTok to respond. In the video, he can be seen watching the interview and compilation of Paytas’ from Frenemies where they make jokes about his Tourette’s and mental illnesses. While watching it, Ethan Klein does not say a word and just keeps nodding his head. At the same time, he can be seen smiling or shaking his head.

However, TikTok removed his video claiming that it is violating the community guidelines. In response to this, Ethan posted a tweet and wrote:

I don’t make tiktoks anymore – the one I posted tonight was me reacting to a compilation of Trisha making fun of my Tourette’s, and they striked me for hate speech..against who, myself!? but the original is still up. 3/4 of my last videos removed, I love tiktok but

Despite the toxicity Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas spread, Klein has a point. As of today, the video is still down.

Related: Ethan Klein reacts to Trisha Paytas joking about his Tourette’s, but TikTok took it down

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