Ethan Klein Reacts To Keemstar Retiring

Ethan Klein reacts to Keemstar retiring

After Keemstar announced retirement, Ethan Klein responded in a scathing video where he stated all the ways he is a horrible person.

It seems that Ethan Klein has a lot to say about his biggest enemy, Keemstar, retiring from YouTube. After the Drama Alert YouTuber announced his retirement, H3H3 YouTuber made a video about it. In the video, he stated all the controversies Mom’s Basement host attracted. At the same time, Klein expressed his resentment for his enemy. The two YouTubers have been feuding for years. Throughout their careers, they have dedicated multiple videos to each other only to show hatred.

In a Twitter video, Keemstar announced his retirement

According to him, he wants to take a break from creating content. This year marked Keemstar’s 13th year on YouTube. After his announcement, many claimed that Keemstar is just looking for attention. However, he explained that he will be making a detailed video to answer all questions. At the same time, he insisted that the retirement announcement is not click-bait or trolling. He is genuinely retiring. Similarly, he agreed that many people will be happy to see him ago. Although he did not state any names, many believe he was pointing to Ethan Klein.

Since many years, Ethan Klein and Keemstar have been in an active battle

At one point or another, both YouTubers have taken jabs at each other. Last year, Keemstar made a video in which he accused Ethan Klein of committing fraud and misusing the funds he collected for charity. According to him, Klein used the money which developers donated to the H3H3 character pack in PayDay 2. He used it in his legal battle against Matt “Bold Guy” Hosseinzadeh. Meanwhile, Ethan Klein responded with a video of his own. In his video, Ethan Klein stated all the things Keemstar has done wrong. From accusing him of racism to blaming him for Etika’s suicide, he made serious allegations. At the same time, he claimed that Drama Alert YouTuber called an elderly streamer a pedophile without any evidence.

Ethan Klein, Keemstar

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After Keemstar’s retirement news, Ethan Klein responded

Ethan Klein Reacts To Keemstar Retiring

On his YouTube channel, Ethan Klein made sure to give a fitting response. In the video, he called Keemstar the worst person he has ever met on or off the internet. Furthermore, Ethan Klein said:

I don’t give a s**t about him or anything he does at this point. He’s just a nobody. That’s why he is leaving, if he had anything, he’d stay. You treat the news as your personal attack show. There is something seriously wrong with you, dude. The smallest slight turns into your personal vendetta, that you would go to any lengths to ruin that person.

After that, Ethan Klein stated all the ways Keemstar has attacked him and said:

Lying about me, being a scammer, has consequences which has reverberated throughout my career. Even those guys at Jordan Peterson, when you made a video about me that I stole football money. You have literally ruined lives like Etika. You treated him horrendously. I hope you carry guilt and shame throughout your life. Another YouTuber who died of COVID, you tap danced on his grave. You’re a malicious person. And only reason people are nice to you because they don’t want you to come after them. You harassed me and my wife and called her names.

Ethan Klein, Keemstar

So far, Keemstar has not responded to this vicious burn by Ethan Klein.

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