Ethan Klein calls out Trisha Paytas for using Judaism as an accessory, & Trisha responded almost Immediately

Recently, Ethan Klein called out Trisha Paytas for disrespecting Judaism and Jews and they responded immediately.

Days after their wedding, Ethan Klein have called Trisha Paytas out for being anti-Semitic. A few days before the wedding, Paytas made a TikTok where they joked about not being able to finish the conversion classes. For those who don’t know, Moses Hacmon is Jew and Paytas aimed to convert to Judaism. According to Klein, they are just using religion as an accessory. In response to this, Paytas made a YouTube video where they cried about the hate they receive because of the H3 podcast host.

Ethan Klein, Trisha Paytas

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Previously, Trisha Paytas was accused of making racist jokes about Jews

After Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas ended Frenemies podcast, they had a fight over it for months. According to Paytas, they decided to end the podcast because of an ownership dispute. For months, Ethan Klein and Paytas went back and forth to call each other out and throw dirt at each other. During this time, Paytas shared screenshots of texts between them, Hila and Ethan Klein. However, it backfired and people noticed then using a slur, Jewy. Instantly, people called them anti-Semitic and criticized them for being racist. In response to that, Paytas said:

“It was my sense of humor at the time. And it was a repeated joke I made at the time – it wasn’t malicious but it’s still gross. It was only this year on an episode did Ethan explain to me why it’s offensive to stereotype jewish [sic] people as cheap. Like it never really registered.”

Ethan Klein, Trisha Paytas

Recently, Ethan Klein called them out for using Judaism and disrespecting the religion

Prior to their wedding with Moses Hacmon, Paytas uploaded a few TikToks celebrating Hanukkah. In one of the TikTok videos, Paytas can be seen dancing while the caption read:

When you cannot finish the conversion classes so you just pay to be Jewish

After watching this, Ethan Klein responded and said:

So you say that you couldn’t finish the conversion classes which to me says that you don’t care enough about the culture to put in the actual work to do it the right way. And then you say that you just paid a Rabbi to just say that you’re a Jewish which is, first of all, a lie. No Rabbi would do that. Second of all, that’s anti-Semitic because it propagates the notion that Jews only care about the money. The thing to me is disgusting and if you don’t want me to stitch your anti-Semitic TikToks, then switch it off, I don’t want you to b**ch about that. The worse thing is that there are people around you that know better.

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Shortly after Ethan Klein TikTok, Trisha Paytas responded with a teary-eyed plea

On their YouTube channel, Paytas uploaded a video titled to Ethan and Hila. In the video, they are clearly upset and crying throughout. According to them, a perfect week has been stolen from them by Ethan Klein. They said:

Two months ago, I send a private text to Ethan, begging him to end this. They know the amount of hate they incite and the danger they put us in. They know, they’re aware. And I haven’t talked about them in months because I thought it would go away if I stop talking about it. Every video he makes, he is obsessing over me, it scares me. He obsesses over every little thing I do. The obsession and the things he talks about him in front of his wife. It is so scary.

Furthermore, they accused Ethan Klein of bullying and said:

They are inciting very dangerous hate and now is the final straw and it is scaring me, I’m so shaky. I asked Hila to not talk about it and now the wedding is over and they are back again. Ethan Klein urges other YouTubers to spew hate on me. They all talk about me and direct their hate on it. Its been 6 months since Frenemies ended but its seems like its never going to end. In today’s video, calling me anti-Semitic where I was just doing a TikTok trend. I have always been good with Moses’ family, its just Ethan and Hila who have issues, and apparently, his mom who I don’t even know.

In the end, Paytas concluded that all of this is really damaging. So far, Ethan Klein has not responded to this. Moreover, both have removed their TikTok and their YouTube videos on the matter.

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