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Ethan Klein calls Jeff Wittek a “coward” for threatening Trisha Paytas

Ethan Klein called Jeff Wittek a "f***ing p**sy" after Jeff threatened Trisha Paytas, which did not sit well with Ethan at all.

Jeff Wittek threatened Trisha Paytas, and that did not sit well with Ethan Klein at all. Despite the Frenemies fallout with Trisha, Ethan still had their back and called Jeff a ‘coward’ for threatening the social media influencer.

Recently, Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas (who self-identifies with the pronouns they/them) got into a pretty bad feud. It was over the financial arrangement of the H3H3 Productions’ Frenemies podcast, which resulted in the duo parting ways in an ugly and public feud. However, Ethan was still not going to tolerate abuse towards his former friend. The whole saga began when Trisha called Jeff dumb for his eye injury, with no sort of medical assistance around. However, Jeff Wittek wasn’t very happy with Trisha’s comment. He said that they crossed the line, adding that poking fun at his injury was “going to end really bad for everyone”. Trisha was not going to stay quiet after Jeff’s comments. Trisha said that they felt threatened by Jeff’s comments, to which Jeff replied:

Nobody cares, you little rat

Recently, Jeff Wittek posted a video in which he was showing off his merch. The new merch referred to Jeff as the ‘rat exterminator’. This was a clear dig at Trisha, and in response, Ethan did not stay silent.

Ethan Klein calls Jeff Wittek a ‘Coward’

Ethan Klein calls Jeff Wittek a "coward" for threatening Trisha Paytas

When Jeff threatened Trisha Paytas, Ethan was very quick to call out Jeff. Ethan seemed pretty mad over the fact the Jeff threatened Trisha. Ethan Klein on his podcast on YouTube with his wife, Hila Klein, called out Jeff Wittek for his aggressive behavior towards Trisha. In his podcast, he said:

Jeff, you are such a giant p**sy. You have not exterminated anything but your own f**king career. And by the way, you are such a coward. You won’t do sh*t.

Ethan also talked about how Jeff is actually the one who is afraid of Trisha. He mentioned the time when Jeff ran away from them when they crossed paths at a Starbucks. Ethan Klein called Wittek a ‘f***ing p*ssy’ and also asked him to shut up and stop acting so tough. Ethan further added:

You’re not exterminating sh*t. Who are you exterminating? The one guy that actually wronged you, you went running back to him like a puppy dog because you needed the clout, you f**king p*ssy… Who’s a rat? You’re in a f**king rat’s nest right now. Shut the f**k up

Ethan Klein did not hold back while calling out Jeff. He seemed pretty furious over the fact that Jeff threatened Trisha even though Trisha and Ethan had a pretty public fallout a while ago. Trisha Paytas and Jeff Wittek have not commented on Ethan’s statement yet, but we are hoping that we hear from them soon.

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