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Ethan Dolan reveals his girlfriend to the world

Ethan Dolan reveals his girlfriend to the world

The much-awaited moment is finally here guys as Ethan Dolan just revealed his girlfriend to the world. The Dolan Twins posted two back to back vlogs and shared their excitement. Some of you might not know that both of The Dolan Twins have applied for their Australian residency as Ethan’s girlfriend is from Australia. But their applications are still under process because of the ongoing Covid-19 situation. Which means they cannot fly to Australia anytime soon. But Ethan’s girlfriend Kristina was lucky enough to get a flight to L.A. And now they are having the happiest time of their lives

Ethan Dolan meets his girlfriend after four months of separation

A few weeks ago the Dolan Twins posted a vlog in which Ethan was FaceTiming with his girlfriend Kristina who happens to be a social media influencer.

“Baby you need to get out here. You know I woke up feeling like sh*t, I had a migraine. I am getting migraines because my brain is a fuc*ing bi*ch. I am having migraines because I am having Kristina withdrawals.”

Now you can obviously guess from this conversation that Ethan has got it bad for Kristina. Anyways, Grayson shares the story of how Ethan and Kristina actually met for the first time. And it is actually kind of sweet but I am feeling sad for Grayson because there is some sort of sadness in his eyes.

“Grayson: I was talking to someone and they were friends with you (Kristina). And you were with them on their story. So I was like hey my brother is lonely.”

And Kristina was surprised to find this out because she thought Ethan was the one who reached out to her friend. Later, they went on a double date and Ethan and Kristina shared their contact details with each other. And *bam*, they’re head over heels in love with each other.

For all those people who are curious to find out how was their first official date. Well, they went cliff jumping into shark-infested water after midnight. Dayum, that’s cool.

Nobody is going to have any doubts about Ethan and Kristina’s relationship after watching the recent vlogs. But for those people who still think that Ethan is young and cannot settle down are wrong.

Ethan knows Kristina for a very long time. Their relationship kind of became official in 2018 when a video started circulating on the internet in which the couple was getting cozy. But Ethan tried to keep everything behind the curtains until now.

And we have a piece of good news for all the people who stan this couple. We might hear some wedding bells in near future.

“Kristina: We are not getting married. But we will but not right now.”

Yayyy! Who is excited for their big day? Though it’s not happening anytime soon it’s definitely going to happen in the coming years.

Let us know your thoughts about Ethan and Kristina’s relationship in the comments section. Peace out!!