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Erika Costell and Jake Paul No Longer Together!

The two YouTubers officially ended their relationship. The famous YouTuber Jake Paul posted the announcement about their split on Twitter this Wednesday. Indeed, it as heartbreaking for many Jake Paulers and Costellars to find out that Jerika is no longer.

Origins of Jerika

The two weren’t always in a real relationship. In June 2017, after Jake Paul had broken up with previous girlfriend Alissa Violet, then Jake and Erika posted a video where they both were getting married. After a month, the duo released a song about their relationship that took the place in the Billboard Hot 100. That’s when Jerika started.

The Secrets of Jake Paul’s documentary showcased both of them holding hands and being together like a genuine couple would. So, what happened?

Reason for Break-up

The letter Jake Paul posted included several details including the reason of their breakup. He stated that despite already breaking up a few weeks ago, the two were still trying to find a solution to make it work. Though, unfortunately, the two couldn’t convince themselves of any legitimate one since they both mutually decided to end things.

Jake’s statement included:

“While it was a truly heartbreaking decision, it is the healthiest thing for both of us.”

Additionally, Jake Paul was sure to write in that he was immensely grateful for all that Erika had done for him over the years. Now, the YouTubers are just requesting for some privacy during this trying time. YouTubers definitely have to go through a lot when they have to display their whole relationship to the entire world. We can all remember the heartbreaking video Liza Koshy and David Dobrik made of their split.

Erika Costell has not yet made a comment, perhaps she’s still busy attending the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The break-up comes after the beloved YouTuber Shane Dawson did an 8 part docuseries on the life of Jake Paul. The series explored the rise and fall of Jake Paul, and greatly emphasized how much of a positive impact Erika Costell had on Jake’s life. So, this breakup certainly comes as a surprise to many.

Not long after this news came out, Shane Dawson being Shane Dawson tweeted:

Perhaps, the YouTube’s most famous couple might get back together after Shane intervenes in the whole matter. But it does seem like Jake and Erika thought long and hard about this before breaking up for good. For anyone who’s seen Shane’s series, it might be interesting to see how this whole thing pans out. Erika Costell was a major factor in keeping Jake grounded, but maybe they both grew apart despite it.

Let’s wish them both luck!