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Erika Costell Amanda Steele Swim Week Documented by Fit With Cambrie

This Miami Swim week, YouTuber 'Fit With Cambrie' documented the whole experience featuring herself, Erika Costell, Amanda Steele, and Faith Schroder.

Popular YouTuber Cambrie Schroder known for her channel ‘Fit With Cambrie’ is using her fame for the promotion of health in the youth. The 22-year old vlogger has also starred in the TV movie Our Wild Hearts. But looks like she has ventured into modeling, and seemingly doing a great job. Cambrie has recorded the entire Miami Swim Week experience featuring Erika Costell, Amanda Steele, herself and her sister Faith Schroder. Now that the first part is out, we have a detailed look into the casting, practices, and diet routines of these models.

Everything to Know About the Miami Swim Week With Erika Costell, Amanda Steele and ‘Fit with Cambrie’

The video began with Cambrie sharing her diet routine for the past few days. The model revealed that they had to cut back on carbs a few days before the casting or the ramp walks. While sharing her tips, she even gave out a smoothie recipe that she enjoys. As the documentary proceeded, Cambrie shared that it would feature supermodel Erika Costell and Amanda Steele as they all attended the casting calls for Miami Swim Week. But it also included a look at the preparations that the models made including waxing their legs and getting a spray tan.

The video even shows us all four models practicing their walks before going in for the casting. All of them sported similar black swim suits, each looking stunning as ever. Later, they discussed feedback which included either going too fast or controlling anxiety so as to not get out of control. Erika even suggested that the girls should have a dairy free dinner at the night to relax a bit.

After having their initial casting calls, the girls proceeded to the Miami Convention Center for their last casting. Since it was their first swimming castings, the day started off as rough. But it seemed to get better for them.

Now that we have the first part out, fans can’t wait for the next one to be revealed!