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Is This Engineer The Real-Life Tony Stark And Iron Man?

Is This Engineer The Real-Life Tony Stark And Iron Man?

This person might be one of the most bizarre tech news of the month. Yet, somehow we can’t help but think of him as a real-life Tony Stark. Sort of like real-life Iron Man, Ben Workman is a 29-year-old software engineer with unique skills. He has fused technology with his body, making him some kind of a biohacker. Inserting a set of microchips, he has become a real-life version of Robert Downey Jr’s billionaire character, Tony Stark.

Ben Workman Is Tony Stark

ABC News, reports that Workman implanted NFC and RFID computer chips in his hands. He also has a Tesla key in his right hand which he uses to gain access to his car. There is also a magnet in his left hand, which he claims is only for entertainment purposes. While the magnet is for pulling paper clips, the microchips have unique functions. For example, using one of the chips he can copy someone’s contact info and transfer it to the chip itself. Then, he can transfer it to his contact database. Next, he can also configure his WiFi with his hands.

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He Called A Phlebotomist For Help

tony stark,Iron man

Workman claims that although there is a burning sensation after implanting the chips, it goes away eventually. This is similar to placing chips on house pets to find them if they get lost.

The real-life Iron Man said that when he came up with the idea, he could not find anyone who would help. There was no doctor, piercing/tattoo parlor or even a veterinarian who would help him. He, therefore, called his cousin who was a phlebotomist (a professional who draws blood from a patient) to help with the first two implants.

The type of procedure is called biohacking. Workman claims that (by becoming Tony Stark) he wants to test the boundaries of technology. He works as a cybersecurity researcher in Utah where he is studying how cybersecurity is improving due to these devices.