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End of Varchie? KJ Apa Hints at New Love Interest

End of Varchie? KJ Apa Hints at New Love Interest

KJ Apa gave out a few hints about what Archie might be up to in the later part of season 3 and it may also involve a new love interest and it might be someone we all know and love

KJ Apa is the iconic face of Archie Andrews in the CW show Riverdale. However, in Archie Comics, KJ plays a darker version of the upbeat redhead. He has been at the crossroads since the start of season 3. Well, way before that. However, he did leave Riverdale in season 3. in a recent interview with TeenVogue, KJ revealed what Archie might be up to in the second part of the third season. Before that, he had also revealed that there might be a new love interest in his life.

Archie On a Mission

In his interview with TeenVogue, KJ revealed that Archie would be on “his own mission” in the second part of season 3. This information comes from the change in color in Archie’s hair in the mid-season finale. If we remember, Archie had dyed his hair a dark color. KJ said that it is an indication of what lies ahead for Archie.

“Archie’s kind of isolated a little bit from the other cast when he comes back, so he’s definitely on his own mission. Being in prison kind of took a toll on him. I think that he definitely wants to be back in Riverdale, but he knows that him being there can put a lot of people in danger.”

The dark hair is not staying, though,

“The dark hair is a good look. I was stoked to have dark hair back, but only for a couple weeks. It’s Archie Andrews! We can’t have a brunette Archie Andrews! The fans would be really upset.”

A New Love Interest

While Archie Andrews is trying to turn his life around, he may get some help. One of his main reasons for fleeing Riverdale was relentless persecution by Hiram Lodge. Hiram was hurting Archie to get to Veronica. Archie understood that. That’s why he broke up with Veronica. Hence came the abrupt end of Varchie. Now, he might be looking in another direction for some romance. KJ mentioned that he would find solace at the end of his spiraling road.

“saved by a person and by music.”

Mystery Lover?

While Archie was cryptic about who his love interest might be. There is a fan ship that has already sailed. There is no person better associated with music in Riverdale than Josie McCoy. Although Archie and Josie have not seen eye to eye since first season. Josie has been having a rough time lately. With her mom in a relationship with Sheriff Keller. Kevin and Josie have been pushed together into a reluctant sibling relationship. She has always been dedicated to her music. Archie has also found his better self with music in the past. Maybe music will bring these two together after all.

End of Varchie

This is just another nail in the Varchie coffin. Archie and Veronica broke up before the mid-season finale. While Veronica was heartbroken, Archie kissed a new character Gracie Lake. At the same time, Camila Mendes elaborated that she was taken aback by Archie’s quick rebound. She also confirmed that Veggie-Veronica and Reggie are very much in the picture. So that means that Varchie is officially moving to separate paths.