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Emo Logan Paul Bids Himself Goodbye

Logan Paul has said goodbye to the old him. Well, not exactly. We do have a new, emo version of him lurking around the dark side. The dramatic transformation came earlier this week. And it has a reason too. Keep reading as we update you on everything.

Logan Paul shares a problem

In a new video called ‘Goodbye Logan Paul,’ the YouTuber and ‘ImPaulsive’ podcaster shared an issue. He said YouTube is not notifying his subscribers of his new videos for some reason. Many others have also reached out to share this issue. Because of this, the views on his content are dropping drastically. Sometimes even a 50% decrease is seen.

He told his followers he is working so hard, and giving it all his blood and sweat. So his fans should remember that his new video comes thrice a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

And then, the transformation happened.

A new look. Goodbye, old Logan?

Recently, Logan Paul got his nipple pierced after he lost a bet to his friends. All his boys had been showing him a meme of an emo guy with piercings. This gave Logan an idea.

All my boys are making fun of me for my nipple, but I got an idea. We’ll see who’s laughing now.

You’ve all seen the memes, but the emo man in this viral picture is actually not me… until today.

Logan Paul usually sports blonde, short hair, and a very neat and clean look. He lined his eyes with thick black liner, added a lip ring, and a long black wig. He then sat in a washroom with his back turned. Only to surprise his friends with the new look.

And they were in a state of shock. Just like we were.

One even said that this might be “the scariest thing they’ve ever seen.”

Here’s a glimpse at the new Logan Paul:

Logan and his friends also went to get his nails varnished back. And some more emo ‘fun’. You can watch the whole video here. Meanwhile, we are waiting to find out if this transformation is permanent. We might just have to say goodbye to our old Logan Paul and embrace his dark side too.