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Emma Watson Instagram Post with Tom Felton Gives Harry Potter Feels

Emma Watson posted a sweet picture and a brief video of skateboard riding in an Instagram post with Tom Felton while supporting his upcoming show Origins. The post reignited the Dramione ship from the Harry Potter Universe

Emma Watson and Tom Felton are two names that are eternally bound to Harry Potter. While Emma played Harry’s genius friend, Hermione Granger; Tom played Harry’s arch-nemesis, Draco Malfoy. The movie franchise ended in 2011, Since then the actors have worked hard to make better careers. While some like Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe have transitioned successfully. Both have worked in big projects and won awards.

Actors like Tom Felton and Rupert Grint have been struggling. Tom has appeared in many movies and TV shows. A few of his noticeable projects include Rise of the Planets of the Apes and CW’s The Flash. He will be starring in a new YouTube Original series Origin and that is what Emma Watson’s new Instagram is all about.

Emma Watson’s Sweet Instagram Post

It came as a very pleasant surprise when Emma put up a two-part post on her Instagram. In the post, she is posing with Tom Felton on the beach. Both of the former Harry Potter stars are dressed in casual beach wear. They are all smiles in the first post

While in the second part, Tom and Emma are riding a skateboard together. We are totally gushing when Tom tells Emma to keep steady on the skateboard. She says she is. Tom tells her that she is ‘wobbling’ like a clown. And we are laughing!

The post also came with a caption from Emma,

Tom’s @origin_seriesis out on 14th November. Congrats dear friend. #TFToleratingmysubparskatingskillssince1999.

Once Upon a Crush

After seeing the Instagram post, fans have been speculating if these two stars are dating. Emma has made it clear in her caption that Tom is a ‘dear friend’. However, no one can forget Emma’s self-professed crush on Tom Felton while filming Harry Potter.

Tom Felton at some point also admitted that he had a crush on Emma Watson at some point.

hqdefault Emma Watson, Tom Felton

So bless our Harry Potter-loving hearts! We do want these two stars to end up together. That might not be possible though. Tom might be dating someone according to rumors. Emma has also been romantically associated with tech mogul Brendan Wallace this past October.

Supporting Friends

While Emma and Tom are not a couple. They are really good friends. As a good friend, Emma has endorsed Tom’s new YouTube Original show Origins. The show will premiere on YouTube on 14th November. Tom is playing the role of Logan. A man who is put on a spaceship with other passengers to go to another planet. The part of the ship they are in is left behind by others. The reason is unknown and a tense atmosphere builds for the survivors.

Emma Watson, Tom Felton

We can also see Tom as Logan in a character intro in an Origin’s official Instagram post.

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