Emma Chamberlain Throws Shade At Ethan Dolan In A Recent Podcast Interview?

So we all know that Emma Chamberlain and Ethan Dolan were a part of the Sister Squad. Not just them, Ethan’s twin brother, Grayson Dolan, and James Charles were also a part of this group. And they all used to make such fun videos together. And their fans loved them immensely. But then one day we all heard the sad news that the Sister Squad won’t be making content anymore. Now there are a bunch of fan-based theories about the Sister Squad breakup. Some fans think they parted ways because they were too busy making content for their own social media and channels. And they were having a hard time balancing their social media content and The Sister Squad content at the same time.

On the other hand, a lot of fans thought Ethan Dolan and Emma Chamberlain might have a thing going on. As they sparked rumors of secretly dating each other back from 2018 to Jan 2019. Everything was going great between the Sister Squad, but then one day Emma Chamberlain decided to unfollow the rest of the squad members on social media. She then re-followed them again and said she was just experimenting with her social media and there is nothing to worry about.

In 2018, Emma gave an interview to Access and explained how fans ship her with the Dolans, especially Grayson. And she tried really hard to clarify that she is not dating anyone. But most of her fans still think that she left the Sister Squad because she was secretly dating Ethan Dolan.

Emma Chamberlain Talks About Ex-Boyfriend Ethan Dolan In A Recent Podcast?

So recently Emma Chamberlain appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast. In which she talked about a lot of things. She mentioned that she struggled with people from the industry.

“There is a lot of room to get f*cked over when you’re being friends with people in your industry. And that’s something I really struggled with. This person is like profiting off of me in some way. I don’t think they actually care about me. And then these YouTubers who were maybe more established, I think that they knew they could kind of push me around a little bit. Not only on camera but off.”

Emma also shared that if she went about sharing and addressing every single rumor about her in the industry, that’s going to take all of her time. So she is definitely going to avoid talking about it.

While talking about her past relationships, Emma shared:

“I remember my ex-boyfriend, one of his friends was like, dude, she doesn’t actually like you. Like I think she likes girls. And the psychological damage of it, is quite crazy.”

We are not done yet, Emma was clearly not happy with her past relationships and ex-boyfriends. Because she mentioned that she didn’t feel respected by her ex-boyfriend. And one of her ex-boyfriends also shared that he doesn’t find Emma as someone who is super feminine. So he used to push Emma into making efforts so that she can look more feminine which is wrong on so many levels.

Now we really don’t know if Emma is referring to Ethan Dolan or Aaron Hull. But after listening to the podcast, a lot of fans think Emma is talking about one person in particular and that’s none other than Ethan Dolan. Some fans also believe that Emma is currently dating Tucker Pillsbury. As they have been spotted together a lot of times since August 2020. But both Emma and Pillsbury haven’t made any official statement about their relationship status.

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