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Emma Chamberlain’s Ex-Boyfriend Aaron Hull addresses Cheating Accusations

Emma Chamberlain, the young YouTuber has quickly rose to fame and popularity, making out a name for herself in the industry. Not only that but she’s also come up with different products such as her own coffee line. Due to her fame, fans were rather curious about her dating life. The curiosity reached to greater limits when certain videos of rumored boyfriend Aaron Hull circulated the internet. In one video, Aaron Hull was seen calling Emma ‘annoying’, and in another one, he was seen kissing another girl. Since the two were thought to be in a relationship, people accused Aaron of cheating on Emma Chamberlain. But what really happened?

Why people thought Aaron Hull was cheating on Emma Chamberlain

Emma and Aaron were seen multiple times together on each other’s social media. Emma Chamberlain even appeared in Aaron’s TikToks. There was also news that the two met each other’s families. So, people naturally assumed they had a thing going on even though nothing was officially announced.

The videos originally circulated on January 26th, 2020 showing that Aaron Hull was speaking ill of his rumored girlfriend Emma Chamberlain. Someone asked him whether he had a crush on Emma, he shared:

“I did too until she got annoying.”

Then there was a picture of Aaron Hull kissing another girl. This became viral during the time when people were not sure of the relationship status of Emma and Aaron. Many assumed that Emma and Aaron were seeing each other in some capacity so the picture led many to believe that Aaron Hull was cheating on Emma Chamberlain.

It must be noted that Aaron Hull is a popular TikTok star who boasts over 861 thousand followers on TikTok with almost 25.5 million likes on his videos combined. So, he was subject to a lot of criticism and speculation online.

That led to Aaron Hull addressing the situation very briefly:

Emma boyfriend Aaron Hull Tweet
Aaron Hull Cheating Emma Chamberlain

People were still confused about the entire situation though. Especially since Emma Chamberlain didn’t address anything related to it. The only major thing that changed was that Aaron wasn’t appearing on her social media anymore. Furthermore, Emma unfollowed Aaron on Instagram.

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Aaron Hull outlines his relationship with Emma Chamberlain in his video

Very candidly, Aaron Hull told everyone a complete timeline of the events of his relationship with Emma Chamberlain. He was not doing it for attention or clout, which is evidenced by the fact that he titled the video ‘Hey! I hope you will watch this.”

In the video, Aaron Hull talks about how Emma Chamberlain DM’ed him on Instagram telling him that she found his TikToks funny. This happened in late August or early September last year. Aaron shares that he was ‘completely starstruck’ and tried to keep the conversation going on. Soon enough, they started to connect really well to the point that they FaceTime each other. Aaron then realizes that he has a thing for Emma:

I’m like dude I really like this girl and so I am like ‘I want to come down to Los Angeles and she’s like ‘You gotta come down to Los Angeles’. So, I buy my ticket and I fly down to Los Angeles’. And we instantly hit it off like things are awesome like she is so cool I’m like dude this is sick. She is the coolest girl.

Then Aaron explained that he had to return to college right after he met her for the first time. But Aaron kept coming to Los Angeles over the weekends, and by the third or fourth time, they started to officially date.

Our relationship is awesome I am loving it she’s like she’s so great she’s super fun everything I would ever want in a girlfriend.

Aaron Hull and Emma Chamberlain even ended up meeting each other’s families, with Aaron stating that he loved hers. Things are going pretty smoothly, Emma even goes to visit him in New York. But at that point, Aaron shares that some things start to go wrong:

But at this point in our relationship for some reason for me at least things were starting to feel like weird and off. And we had this really long conversation in the hotel trying to hear each other and understand what was going on. But I don’t think we could find something – we couldn’t find what – we couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong.

Both were on the same page that there was something off in their relationship. However, Aaron was going to see her again in Los Angeles but right before that he got a call from Emma Chamberlain where she officially ended everything. This was after five months of them dating.

Aaron Hull believes that the long-distance relationship was quite hard for both of them to do and that might have ruined their relationship. But at this point, there was no bad blood between the two of them.

Aaron addresses the cheating scandal

After they had split up, Aaron Hull was drunk at a party and without thinking, he ended up kissing a girl. This was after he and Emma Chamberlain had broken up. But their fans didn’t know it at that point. Someone filmed them kissing and the video went viral online, with many loyal Emma Chamberlain fans hating on Aaron for cheating. Aaron Hull shares that he tried clearing things up:

I try and formulate a tweet saying write the day of. ‘No I did not. I did not cheat on Emma’ and I would not ever want to have a bad ending with Emma. But at that point it was out of my hand.

He also addresses the video in which he is calling Emma ‘annoying’. Aaron Hull explains that when he was asked that question on whether he had a crush on Emma Chamberlain, he had no idea about who she was really since he hadn’t met her. But Aaron admits that he was wrong in saying that:

Me being young and naive having no repercussion or thinking about the repercussions of that at all and I will 100 own up to saying that. That was a very stupid wrong thing to say because obviously I had no idea who she was.

Aaron Hull calls Emma Chamberlain the best girlfriend ever and is happy for her new relationship

It seems like Aaron Hull really cared about Emma Chamberlain and didn’t have any bad intentions.

Emma was the greatest girlfriend. I couldn’t have asked anything more from her she was so good. She was so supportive, so supportive of me and helping me honestly understand this realm of LA.

Furthermore, he wishes her only happiness and success in her future. He really has nothing bad to say to Emma or their relationship.

I’m so happy for her now that she’s found, someone who is wholeheartedly with her and who is on board and they look so happy so. And I am so glad for them.

Emma Chamberlain is currently believed to be in a relationship with Tucker Pillsbury.

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