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Elon Musk Might’ve Canceled David Dobrik’s Tesla Warranty

Reading Elon Musk, David Dobrik, and Tesla in a single title seems like good news unless you pay attention to the warning word: Warranty. The famous YouTuber David Dobrik is no stranger to Tesla cars. SeatGeek is the main sponsor behind David Dobrik’s adventurous Vlogs, and 99% of the cars are gifted to his friends. David Dobrik drives a Tesla and has gifted one to Trisha Paytas’s ex-boyfriend Jason Nash. (probably because he chose David over Trisha. JK! ).  However, while filming a Vlog, David Dobrik’s Tesla showed some stunts, due to which Elon Musk might’ve canceled David Dobrik’s Tesla Warranty.

 David Dobrik & Tesla Stunt

In a recent Vlog titled My Tesla Flew Off The Ground, you can see Kourtney Kardashian, but the highlight follows after it. The Vlog features “Josh of the jungle,” Reid Harper, and Cole Seely collaborating with David Dobrik for stunts that forced Jonah’s sister Suzy Antonyan to scream her lungs out.

Not really, though, but she did warn him not to let those guys use his Tesla after they attempted a one-wheeling stunt using a sports bike. But David said:

He [Josh] is fucking 300 pounds, he’d kick my ass. He said give me your keys, I said okay.

Natalie starts praying right before Tesla takes off and flies off the ground for a few moments. Suzy’s hands start shaking.

After the stunts, the Vlog continues showing various clips, with David Dobrik giving away cash prizes as a surprise to a few people sponsored by SeatGeek. However, the Tesla stunt hit someone hard at home, precisely: Elon Musk.

Elon Musk Responds To The Stunt

After David Dobrik tweeted about the LA roads and his Tesla, Elon Musk dropped a very interesting response that might have scared David Dobrik a little.

Well! Now you know why we think his warranty might really be canceled. But then, it’s Elon Musk and David Dobrik; you never know what they will do.

While everyone tries to figure out if the warranty is still valid, here are some interesting facts about the Tesla stunt. Josh_ofthe_Jungle was driving the Tesla while Cole Seely called shotgun.

As per David Dobrik, Josh owes him four tires. Meanwhile, Jake Paul dropped in to share his thoughts as well. (Question: was he excited to see a Tesla flying? or was he excited because it was David Dobrik’s Tesla? You know TM has been tweet-flirting with David Dobrik since her separation…right? )

Here’s what Cole Seely had to share:

Yeah! Don’t try this at home or on the roads.

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