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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi Feature In A Weird Super Bowl Ad

Well, that was a weird one! If we tell you that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi were to appear in one of this year’s Super Bowl ads, what expectations would you have about their commercial? For us, it was certainly not this. Starring in Amazon’s Alexa ad, maybe it was supposed to be this way. Only because of how they Ellen makes her commercials. However, this time did they take it a little too far?

Ellen DeGeneres and Girlfriend In A Alexa Ad

The Super Bowl ad starts with Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi getting ready to go out somewhere. As they are about to leave, DeGeneres tells Alexa to turn down their thermostat. But then she wonders what did people do before Alexa. Now, we all have gone through our fair share of time without using Amazon’s Alexa, and there are still many of us who don’t use it. However, Amazon had their own way of describing that time.

The commercial quickly turns into a strange montage of historical situations that date from fantasy medieval times, English witch times, Britain’s industrial revolution times, and even the wild west. The ad shows humans with names sounding similar to Alexa obeying or responding to requests made by others about something one would ask from Alexa. Watch DeGeneres and De Rossi’s ad below:

Among all of this, probably the strangest scene is where maid Alessa takes out a burning log from the fireplace and throws it out the window. She smashes the glass and the burning wood falls on top of a man who starts screaming. Not sure if the commercial was meant to be hilarious or just the way we are reacting right now.

Notice the strange trend where Amazon is sending a message on how technology has replaced humans to be better, reliable and more efficient at carrying out duties? Sure we enjoyed watching DeGeneres and De Rossi nodding there heads to Usher’s Yeah! But there is something really off about the whole commercial.

What do you guys think?