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Elijah Daniel confirms influencers' party guests are testing positive for COVID

Elijah Daniel confirms influencers’ party guests are testing positive for COVID

If the influencers do not stop attending or hosting “house parties,” you can say goodbye to your freedom for at least a year. Even after a few states have been flagged as red, the YouTubers, TikTokers, and Instagram & Twitter influencers are not following the SOPs to avoid spreading the virus. In fact, it seems like they are facilitating the widespread by pulling friends out of their houses. The Mayor recently called Jake Paul out when he hosted a massive party in his Calabasas house. After a few days, Larray’s surprise birthday party was hosted at the Hype House. While others are busy partying, Elijah Daniel is quarantined after testing positive for the virus for the 2nd time. He has not attended any party. And Elijah is also one of the few influencers doing everything to control the spread and help the affected people.

Elijah Daniel confirms influencers’ parties are spreading the virus

Elijah Daniel was one of the pioneers who started a relief campaign for the people after COVID-19 was confirmed as a pandemic. He started Cult For Good to help workers who lost their jobs and could not find necessary supplies for survival.

With the passage of time, more supplies and more areas were added to the plan. Elijah Daniel was one of the influencers who got infected in the initial days of the virus spread. However, he is also one of those who COVID-19 has infected for the second time. Elijah is trying to take a break from the internet and restfully. However, these influencers are not acting mature enough for him to take a break.

Elijah Daniel

Before he tested positive, Tanner Fox was filming vlogs with Jake Paul at the Team 10 house. He informed Jake so that they could take necessary steps, as well as quarantine themselves to avoid the spread. But no action was taken by Jake Paul. Elijah Daniel even asked YouTube CEO to demonetize such influencers who are spreading false information about the virus and not following the social distancing rules.

On the other hand, Larray has self-quarantined after attending his surprise birthday party.

Since we do not know the names of the influencers testing positive for COVID-19, we’d have to wait for them to take responsibility and inform their families, friends, and fans.