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Ed Sheeran Surprises Fans – Announces New Music Is On The Way

Yes, guys, you heard it right. Ed Sheeran is back in the game as he surprises fans with an Instagram post and captioned it as ” Somethings cookin‘ “. Last December, the famous singer came on Instagram to share very heartbreaking news with the fans. He announced a hiatus from being in the limelight, sharing that he is going to “take a breather, write and read“. Before signing off, he promised his fans that he will be back with some new music when the time was right.

Sheeran is coming back!

Well, folks… the time is finally here. The wait is over and the prayers of millions of fans all over the world have been answered. But we will just have to wait for a couple of more days to see what Ed Sheeran has in store for us. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed! Perhaps it’s a new music video or a new song! Or a new album?

The ‘Perfect’ singer, first dropped his star-studded musical affair in 2019 that featured collaborations with the likes of Justin Bieber, Eminem, 50 Cent, Travis Scott, Cardi B, Camila Cabello, and others.

Fans were waiting for more when “Afterglow” was released by Ed Sheeran and became an instant success.

“Hey guys, Afterglow is a song I wrote last year that I wanted to release for you. It’s not the first single from the next album, it’s just a song I love, and I hope you love it too. Enjoy! Have a safe and happy festive break and New Year’s. Back to dad land for me now, ciao xoxo.”

Here are the lyrics that stand out the most in Ed’s Afterglow:

“We loved drunk waiting on a miracle/Trying to find ourselves in the winter snow/So alone in love like the world had disappeared.”

Moreover, the music video features a one-take performance by our beloved Ed Sheeran strumming an acoustic guitar. I am going to share the song here for you guys in-case if any of you haven’t heard it yet.

Afterglow was a total hit!

How did the song do against the likes of Perfect, Shape of You, and other one-hit wonders? “Afterglow” was number one in Israel within days. And it peaked at the highest level within the top ten of the charts in ten other countries. The song also became the 13th top ten on the US Billboard Adult Top 40. Which is the most and the highest on the chart for any male solo artist.

Despite his continued popularity, Ed Sheeran is facing charges that he plagiarized Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” for his famous song Thinking Out Loud. A $100 million lawsuit has been filed against him. After musician Sam Shokri accused him of stealing from his song Oh Why, the singer was also barred from getting royalties for Shape of You.