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Durte Dom Exposes David Dobrik & Vlog Squad In Hannah’s Sexual Assault Story

After Durte Dom was accused of SA and Dobrik apologized, he is back with his version of the whole incident and how involved Dobrik was.

In March, a woman accused Durte Dom of SA

According to the woman named Hannah, she and her friends were approached by Vlog Squad to appear in a video. As is the case with most of David Dobrik’s videos, the friends initiated on having group s**. The video, titled ‘She Should Not Have Played With Fire,’ featured four women entering the house. Along with David Dobrik and Durte Dom, other Vlog Squad members were partying there. According to the women, Dom invited them and expressed the intention of having group s**. However, they also brought alcohol which made Hannah extremely drunk. At the same time, all the women were underage. According to Hannah, Durte Dom r**ed her while she was unconscious and could not consent to the ordeal. On the other hand, she asked the Vlog Squad to remove the video repeatedly but they did not.

After brands dropped them off, David Dobrik removed the video and apologized

Although the victim kept asking for the video to be removed, it was only taken down once the brands and sponsors cut ties with Vlog Squad. David Dobrik took the video down and apologized in a YouTube video. While extending his apologizes to Hannah, Dobrik said:

‘I fully believe the woman who came out against Durte Dom and said she was sexually assaulted and raped by him. As was reported, the next day I got consent to post the video. Even though I got the consent to post that video, I should have never posted it. What I understand now, and what I didn’t understand before, was that she sent that text because she felt like she had to not because she wanted to and that’s fucked up and I’m sorry.’

Durte Dom

Recently, Durte Dom has come forward with his side of the story and how Dobrik is not so innocent

Durte Dom Exposes David Dobrik & Vlog Squad In Hannah Sexual Assault Story
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In a YouTube video, which also featured Dobrik’s former assistant, Cassandra, Dom shared his version. According to him, Hannah was drunk but not passed out. She consented to the s** and her friend is a witness to it. At the same time, he emphasized that she was in her senses. However, Hannah fell asleep after the s** which led to her friend dressing her up. Similarly, Durte Dom claims that she did not hint to SA in their texts as well.

He shared the screenshots of their conversations after the incident in question. The texts do not indicate any uncomfortable or serious conversation. When Cassandra appeared in the video, she stated that Dobrik did not want to take down the video. In fact, he only agreed when a lawyer suggested that things could get worse. In the end, Dom apologized for making the video and putting the girls in such a difficult position. At the same time, he also said that he would be taking time off from YouTube.

Whatever the truth, it is about time that YouTube takes serious notice of such incidents. At the same time, Durte Dom should be banned from the platform for good.

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