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Dumbo Or Aladdin, Which Disney Live Action Movie Will Conquer Cinemas?

Dumbo Or Aladdin, Which Disney Live Action Movie Will Conquer Cinemas?

Dumbo or Aladdin, Which Disney 2019 animated feature will take the crown?

Disney live-action movies 2019, Dumbo, Aladdin, Lion King, Mulan:

Disney’s recent step of transitioning classic cartoon movies into live-action features is highly appreciated. The viewers are excited to watch their childhood characters again with some contemporary techno integration. Even kids not introduced to these cuddly yet witty characters are eager to watch these live-action animated classics from Disney. The teasers of these movies are already released, and it seems that 2019 will be the year of Disney’s rein over cinema via its animated classics.

Dumbo Or Aladdin, Which One Will Rule The Box Office?

Recently, three teasers from Disney movies are getting viral. Dumbo (1941), The Lion King (1994), and Aladdin (1992). The audience is pretty familiar with the Lion King’s background, as Disney released Jon Fer’s’ Jungle Book’ in 2016. The same director who is working on the Lion King production.

It is tough to say which one will beat the other when talking about the remaining two upcoming movies, Dumbo and Aladdin.

Dumbo’s Teaser does Not satisfy The Audience:

The Dumbo plot follows the same theme as the original. The movie features a flying elephant, Dumbo, with huge ears. The elephant resides in a struggling circus. Later, the circus authorities turn into villains and try to exploit the innocent mammal. The movie incorporated new characters like Neils Skellig (Joseph Gatt) and Miss Atlantis (Sharon Rooney). The new Dumbo also flash-backed previous circus performers.

Undoubtedly, Tim Burton, the director of Dumbo 2019, has all power to transform an old classic into live-action. He works with a renowned cast, including Eva Green, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, and Colin Farrell in Dumbo. The plot describes the owner of a struggling circus, Max Medici (Danny DeVito), who employs star Holt Farrier and his children to look after a newborn elephant with oversized ears. Soon they discover that Dumbo can fly, and with this, the circus makes an incredible recovery. The movie will reach cinemas on 27th March 2019.

Disney’s Dumbo Versus Aladdin

Despite a majestic director and heavy cast, Dumbo does not appear to be a box office triumphant. Slow-paced close-ups of the giant-eared elephant in the teasers failed to reflect any extraordinary glimpse of the movie. In contrast, the other Disney live-action, Aladdin, has created an enigmatic aura to catch the viewers.

Guy Ritchie’s live-action Aladdin movie stars Mena Massoud as Aladdin, Naomi Scott as Jasmine, and Will Smith as the iconic Genie. Nevertheless, Aladdin possesses all the magical attractions of its animated version. However, the few clips from the trailer reveal nothing of its directorial excellence.

Predominantly, the first look at Ritchie’s Aladdin is promising. The trailer shows that the movie will follow the same 1992 track. Moreover, Aladdin’s entry into the secret cave to get the genie lamp and the obedient gene are all identical to the animated version.

The most captivating feature of Aladdin’s teaser is the bonanza in the Arabian setting. The Disney movie will hit the theaters on May 24th, 2019.