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Amanda Cerny Slams Popular Instagrammer on Dr. Phil For Spreading Negativity

Social media plays a major catalyst in aggravating teenage depression. Teenagers feel compelled to have an audience for even their most trivial activities and genuine social interactions are no more being taken into account. Dr. Phil, in a recent episode of his show, tried to address the psychological dilemmas of aspiring Instagrammers and YouTubers. His recent guests were popular Instagram stars Ava and Christian. Christian gave into Dr. Phil’s hypothesis of social media being a mental curse. On the other hand; however, Ava adamantly refused to agree to any idea Dr.Phil put forward. The situation became so taxing for the psychologist that he had to call upon popular YouTube star Amanda Cerny to assist him in explaining his point of view to his guests.

Instagrammer Ava Finds Her ‘Hot Social Media Presence’ A ‘Blessing’ For The World

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Ava, and Christian appeared on the Dr. Phil show on Thursday. Ava’s friends mentioned that during high-school several bullies had body-shamed and catcalled Ava. The effects of the bullying were so profound that Ava became mentally unwell. She worked on her physique, and consequently started posting sexy pictures of herself on Instagram as a mechanism of avenging those who had been rude to her. Ava told Dr.Phil tat she thinks of herself to be the hottest girl alive, and finds uploading her pictures a ‘philanthropic act’ as she is actually ‘blessing’ people with her hotness. Dr.Phil corrected her by calling her an ‘exhibitionist’, and also dawned upon her that even with far more views than her, he has never fell a need for ‘reliance on social media’.

Christian Claims To Have Lost His Identity Through Social Media

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A 19-year-old teenager, with a 200k Instagram following, joined Ava on the Dr. Phil show. He expressed great angst over how social media pressure had force him to change personalities multiple times. He elaborated that changing trends peer pressure him into becoming a new person everyday. And with every new get up comes a more intense negative reaction.

Moreover, he also described that haters and hateful comments on social media have been proving ruinous for his mental stability. He also confessed that he feels that he would be better off without his social media presence.

Amanda Cerny Assists Dr. Phil In Battle Against Negative Social Media Influence

Dr. Phil, Social Media, Amanda Cerny

YouTube sensation and actress Amanda Cerny joined the platform via video-chat to aid Dr. Phil in connecting with his guests better. She disapproved Ava for using social media as a means to put others down and to make others feel low of themselves.

She explained that although there is nothing wrong in being sexy, life does go beyond just looking good. Ava blatantly refused to listen to Amanda Cerny as well claiming she wants people to feel bad about themselves when they look at her.

Amanda Cerny; however, told her that life is not worth living if it is enclosed within the limits of the online world. She also stressed on the importance of having relationships, friends, and people to love.

Hopefully Ava will change her perspectives after listening to Amanda Cerny.

Previously, Dr. Phil has had a strange encounter with an African American teen who claimed to be racist against her own race. The particular episode sparked a lot of controversy as the girl’s sister came out calling with allegations of staging a fake drama.