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Domhnall Gleeson talks about 'The Rise of Skywalker' controversy

Domhnall Gleeson talks about ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ controversy

Star Wars actor Domhnall Gleeson, who played the role of General Hux, talks about the controversy surrounding 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker'.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will easily go down as the most controversial Star Wars film yet. Even though it was the most successful of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, its success was not a representation of the quality and critical reception that the film received. Some argued that the storyline Lucasfilm adapted for the movie was too far and away from the first two films. Meanwhile, others argued that the storyline was fine, but that the movie was massively rushed, not exploring many key plot lines. However, that is not what Domhnall Gleeson thinks. The General Hux actor, in fact, believes that The Rise of Skywalker is just fine the way it is.

Domhnall Gleeson says The Rise of Skywalker had to be the way it was to not make it any longer

Domhnall Gleeson talks about 'The Rise of Skywalker' controversy
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While talking to IndieWire, Gleeson talked about the tough decisions The Rise of Skywalker creators made that didn’t sit well with moviegoers. He says they had no choice because otherwise, the movie would be too long. Gleeson said:

The film is what the film needed to be, I think. There’s always stuff that you would like to see more of, but you can’t have a 17-hour film, I’ve been told. Apparently, that’s not allowed, so I was happy with what was there.

Domhnall Gleeson

There was a lot not going in favor of The Rise of Skywalker. Firstly, it completely deviated from the last film, The Last Jedi, which had set a completely different stage for Episode XI. Secondly, it felt like The Rise of Skywalker was very reactive, in the sense that instead of following a set storyline from the first to the third film, each film’s story was written based on the fans’ reaction. For Instance, The Last Jedi revealed that Rey’s lineage did not matter. But, The Rise of Skywalker completely sidelined that story and made Palpatine her grandfather. What’s worse is that the story just didn’t seem natural or the build-up to it felt rushed.

On General Hux’s fate

Furthermore, Domhnall Gleeson’s character was another one whose story felt rushed. He was unceremoniously killed by the writers, according to the fans. However, Gleeson himself was content with the way the writers dealt with Hux. Gleeson continued:

It would’ve been nice to stick around a little bit longer, for sure. It would’ve been nice to see the spy thing play out a little bit, but J.J. [Abrams] knows what he’s doing, and I heard a kind of gasp in the cinema when it happened, so I guess he was right.

Domhnall Gleeson

Regardless of how the trilogy had ended, fans would still argue over Star Wars for all times. But, one wouldn’t be wrong in saying that the trilogy could have been better if Disney had adopted a direction from the start and then stuck to it. Because a disjointed trilogy is not one that fans will remember fondly, and it will end up hurting Star Wars.

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