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Dolan Twins tease new special video that’s personal to Ethan Dolan

The Dolan Twins, Ethan and Grayson Dolan, are popular for their lighthearted and often comedic videos. But they have shown their deep side in some videos, one of which even talked about their father’s death. Now, they are teasing another different kind of video which is personal to Ethan Dolan.

The teaser for the new video is already here

A teaser for the upcoming video was already uploaded for the followers:

Even though, the teaser is quite vague. We can deduce a few things. Firstly, we know that this story is something that is very hard for Ethan Dolan to film. In the teaser, Ethan is saying:

I fully became someone I didn’t know. I definitely hit rock bottom.

It’s also mentioned in the video that it’s been ‘7 months’. It could mean that whatever personal incident Ethan is going to talk about happened seven months ago.

The fans are really excited for the new video by Dolan Twins

Despite there being some negative comments underneath the teaser, there are many people who are excited about the upcoming video:

There are also some who think it might be about Shane Dawson and Tati Westbrook scandal:

In the picture that the Dolan twins used, they are using an eye emoji and drinking root beer. This has usually been associated with Shane Dawson’s conspiracy videos. People are wondering if it’s about Shane and if Ethan and Grayson Dolan are going to publicly share their thoughts on someone who was close to them.

Shane Dawson even helped them film a video that was really deep to their heart and helped them process the pain they felt after their father passed away to cancer.

Grayson Dolan is proud of his twin brother Ethan Dolan

No matter what the video is, it is clear that it was something difficult for Ethan to film. On Twitter, he shared:

New video tomrorow. A video that I wasn’t fully confident to film but I’m very glad that I did.
While updating their fans on the video, Grayson Dolan took the time to commend his brother for being so honest:
Just wrapped on filming. That was a challenging story to tell but nothing good comes easy. I’m very proud of Ethan and his passion for caring for others and wanting to make a positive change in this world. He’s the man.
The video is going to come today on Monday. Let’s see what they have to tell the world.