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The Dolan Twins Get Scammed In New Vlog And Shade Mr.Kate

The Dolan Twins Get Scammed In New Vlog And Shade Mr.Kate

Yes, guys, you heard me right. The Dolan Twins recently posted a Vlog on their Youtube channel in which they get scammed for almost $1,600. I mean this is what happens when two people share the same roof, but they don’t buy stuff for that particular roof together. So, both the Dolan Twins bought a rug from a shop without any proper receipt and at a much higher price.

The Dolan Twins Are Not Going To Buy Rugs Again

Alright, so the whole thing starts when one of the Dolan Twins go to this rug shop and buy a rug with a very high price. And that too without a proper receipt.

They wanted the rug in the living room next to the kitchen. But it was too small. So they thought about switching it to the podcast room.

“We are moving the rug in the podcast studio. it’s too nice. So we are gonna go and grab a rug. The one which we got yesterday was too small. But it’s going in the podcast studio.”

Then Ethan Dolan gets skeptical about having a rug in the podcast room. Then they pick up the rug so that they can return it. And get a bigger rug instead of the living area.

Then Grayson shares something about the shop keeper and the rug.

“It had a discount tag on it when I bought it. It was like a thousand dollars all. The fu*kin’ rug was non-refundable. It was just a receipt with a price. He fu*ked me over bro.”

Ethan Dolan shares that the same rug is available online for almost $88. Then both the Dolan Twins go to the shop keeper and ask him why they are selling the same rug at a much cheaper price on their website and if they can return the rug. The shop keeper then replies:

“If you brought it from me yesterday, I would do everything.”

Grayson then asks the shop keeper to take the rug back again. But the shop keeper says, ‘I cannot take it back’. Then Ethan tries to give it a shot and fails miserably:

“You just told me that you out of the decency of who you are can give me a refund if I was here yesterday.”

Anyways, long story short, they bought the rug for $2,000 and it was selling online at the same store’s website at a much cheaper price, $328 to be price.

A lot of fans think that the Dolan Twins overreacted. And some of them think that their anger was valid because they had to buy the rug at a much higher price.

Dolan Twins Shade Mr.Kate In Their Vlog

This Vlog really has a lot of things that I am finding really hard to digest. As we all know that the Dolan Twins were living at a hotel because their house is currently under construction and renovation.

But they were finally able to move back to their house when one of the bedrooms was all set. Now we all are aware of what happens when you’re renovating your house. All the extra stuff goes in one room and then you decide what things you’re going to keep and which things you’re going to let go.

And that’s what the Dolan Twins did. They used the yellow sticky notes on all the things they wanted out of their house. Just fast forward the video to 3:45 and see what’s happening with the stickies.

Then Ethan goes like, ‘what are we going to do with these yellow chairs’. And what Grayson said shocked me for a good couple of minutes.

“Dude, we were told these yellow chairs were from Italy. They’re not Italian. They are from Walmart. Someone said they were Italian.”

Now I don’t know if you guys remember or not, but Mr.Kate gave a makeover to the Dolan Twins’ house back in 2018.

“Mr.Kate: I am obsessed with these chairs. They are made in Italy. These chairs are so rad.”

Some of the Dolan Twins fans are not really happy with the twins for accusing ‘Mr. Kate’ for something she would not do.  And some of the fans are taking the side of the Dolan Twins. And posting rash comments on Mr.Kate’s house makeover video.

I would suggest you guys take a good look at the yellow chairs which are at the Dolan Twins house. And then go to Walmart’s website and search for yellow chairs. Now there is a similar design available on Walmart but it has wooden legs.

Anyways, let’s see if the Dolan Twins are going to make any statement about this issue or not.