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Dolan Twins and Logan Paul are now friends!

Dolan Twins and Logan Paul are now friends!

I just can’t keep calm because the Dolan Twins have finally made it to Logan Paul’s ‘Impaulsive’. We all know Logan has some history with the Dolan Twins. And for all those people who still didn’t know anything about it. They might have guessed it from watching the Dolan Twin’s recent video. That is ‘Selling Tiny Home Van To YouTubers and Tik Tokers‘. Anyways, Let’s see how Dolan Twins are shooting the sh*t with Logan Paul and his Impaulsive buddies.

Let’s Talk About Dolan Twins’ History With Logan Paul

So basically Grayson posted a picture on his Snapchat with smoke clouds caused because of fire in California. Grayson also captioned the picture as:

“I never see these types of clouds here.”

Logan took a screenshot of Grayson’s picture and posted it on his twitter with this caption

“that’s cuz it’s a fkn wildfire g.”

The spat didn’t end here. It escalated further when people started making memes of, ‘Fu*k you REALLY know you made a mistake when even Logan Paul can tell’.

Dolan Twins also have some beef with Jake Paul. But that’s another story. Dolan Twins planned on meeting Logan when they were trying to sell their mini home van to YouTubers and TikTokers in the latest video.

Their meetup was very awkward. Logan didn’t buy the mini home van from Dolan Twins but I guess he made friends with them once again. And that’s how they landed on his podcast.

Dolan Twins Shoot The Sh*t With Logan Paul And His Impaulsive Buddies

So we all know the Dolan Twins follow a very strict vegan diet from the past ten months. And they have got used to it. Meanwhile, Logan explains that whenever he has tried going on a vegan diet, it has affected him badly.

He further adds that the vegan diet was making him feel fatigued. On the contrary, Grayson shares that his stomach was upset only once in the past ten months.

Then Logan brings the poop into the ‘Impaulsive’ podcast.

“You know with a vegan diet, you eat food and it’s coming out of you within 30 minutes. I know you all are pooping three to four times.”

And Grayson’s reply is kind of hilarious because a lot of you guys might relate with it.

“I take one healthy one. It’s scheduled for 11 a.m after I have oats and coffee. Sh*t*ing I would definitely have to do with calories. If you’re in a caloric surplus, then you’re probably gonna be sh*t*ing more.”

Dolan Twins Express How They Can’t Share A Lot Of Stuff In Their Videos And Podcasts

Dolan Twins share that they are only doing audio podcasts for now. They will be starting the video podcasts like really soon. And when Mike asks the Dolan Twins if they enjoy doing podcasts or not? Grayson explains his feelings with a heavy heart:

“There is so much sh*t on my mind I wish I could say on YouTube. But like Youtube is just not the place. That’s for like premium entertainment.”

On the other hand, Ethan feels very confused about the content.

“I feel like I am trapped in my 17-year-old body as soon as the fuc*ing camera turns on. Because I am like this is what my audience likes.”

Both the Dolan Twins further explains that a lot of their followers are girls. And they obviously won’t like to see them making videos about skateboarding and other stuff which guys like to do.

So, Logan advises them to focus more on the dude stuff like cliff jumping and skateboarding. And I personally think that they should start a full vegetarian cooking channel on YouTube.

I hope you guys enjoyed the first part. Stay tuned for the second one with some fun stuff.

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