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Doja Cat Says ‘I quit’ On Twitter After A Steamy Fight With Paraguay Fans

The famous hit song ‘Say So’ singer, Doja Cat has gained international fame in such a little time. She has fans all the around chanting her name and singing her hit songs such as ‘Streets’, ‘Ain’t sh*t’ and ‘Woman’. Moreover, Doja Cat’s funny personality, incredible choreo in her music videos and excellent music has gathered her lot of fans from all around the word. However, the path to success does not go as smooth as we think, it has its own hurdles and complexities. Recently, Doja Cat came under fire from her Paraguay fans for ignoring them.

Paraguay Fans Believe Doja Cat Disrespected Them

Asuncionic Festival is one of the biggest shows in Paraguay where a lot of celebrities tune in to give performances to their fans. For Asuncionic Festival 2022, there were shows set to be performed by Machine Gun Kelly, Miley Cyrus, Doja Cat etc. However, Paraguay was terribly hit by a storm on the day of the festival. Miley Cyrus’s plane also got struck by lightning, badly enough that she had to do an emergency landing in Brazil. Unfortunately, the whole show got cancelled. Machine Gun Kelly, took a step forward, and gave fans a free concert from his hotel’s lobby.

For Doja Cat, she had to receive an insane amount of criticism that for one whole day angry Paraguayan fans tweeted about her. Basically, the fans’ side believes that Doja should have at least come out of her hotel and greet the fans that had been waiting outside. On the other hand, Doja Cat fans’ believe that celebrities are not obliged to listen to their fans’ requests all the time. Moreover, the weather was devastating, her fans say that ‘Get Into It’ singer could not perform anyway. After all the fight, Doja tweeted that she does not want to do this anymore.

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Paraguay Fans Vs Doja

Paraguay fans criticized Doja and some even used disrespectful language against the ‘Say So’ singer. Fans say that the anger is due to Doja not acknowledging fans:

On the other hand, multiple people jumped in to defend Doja Cat. They believe an artist’s job is to share their art and that fans should learn about ‘privacy’.

Furthermore, it was hugely noticed that Doja was not only criticized for “not coming out of her hotel” but also slurs were yelled at her. Many fans jumped in to highlight that people hate to see a Black woman succeeding. They pointed towards the internalized racism coming from fans who were disrespecting Doja.

We do not know what ‘I quit’ and ‘Everything is dead to me’ from Doja Cat means yet but we hope that this issue will be resolved soon with both sides satisfied.

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