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Does Quarantine prove that David Dobrik is dating assistant Natalie?’

David Dobrik, a.k.a the steering wheel of the Vlog squad has always got dating rumors. Oh, who has not heard that before? Ever since the heartbreaking Liza Koshy and David Dobrik break-up, fans have been speculating his relationship status. And for at least a year now, David has been shipped and rumored to be with assistant and childhood friend, Natalie Mariduena ( IG: natalieneneol). And often, rumors of their relationship have surfaced, but never confirmed. However, with Quarantine, we all know David Dobrik is spending his Quarantine days cuddling up to Natalie. But we couldn’t help but wonder, they are a little too close to each other in the snaps of David’s Quarantine. Another doing of the COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) outbreak: Do we finally have enough proof to says they are dating?

All the David Dobrik and Natalie moments during Quarantine

So, the story goes that the two have been Best Friends Forever for as long as they can remember. But both, David and Natalie are not in a relationship. According to them. For fans, they can not be more into it. But during Quarantine, we find ourselves looking at the two being all mushy and together with each other. So much that we find Natalie in David’s bed! Well isn’t that scandalous?

David Dobrik

Thankfully for us, this YouTube channel posts all of David Dobrik’s Snapchat posts regularly. So, if even did not believe our eyes the first time, we can always watch it again. Another post we found was the TikTok on David’s official account. Natalie in a towel as she throws it down for David to see under. Well, we don’t see but by David’s reaction, it would’ve been something.

Also, the Quarantine has made us realize that Natalie is more often in the Vlogger’s room than her own. Just, for example, the snap from this morning where she is trying to wake him up.

Also, a few days ago when Natalie was just comfortably lounging in David’s room.

Well, thing or no-thing, just make it clear already. We do remember the time David said he used to have a crush on Natalie. What if feelings are sparking now that the two have all the time with one another.

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