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Dobre Twins Get Backlash After They Do a Suicide Prank

Although YouTubers have always pulled pranks, Dobre Twins took it a step further, and got backfired. Recently, they decided to make a video that featured one of the twins allegedly committing suicide. In the video, Lucas reads a fake suicide note from Marcus. However, it turned out that he went to LA to pull this prank on his family. Since then, people are criticizing the YouTubers for this insensitive video.

Dobre Twins

At the age of 22, Dobre Twins have a net worth equal to A-list Hollywood celebrities.

Before joining YouTube, Dobre Twins were a huge hit on Vine. However, they transitioned to the video-sharing platform and gained more followers. On their YouTube channel, they make content like vlog challenge videos, pranks, dance videos, and experiments. Besides their own channel, Lucas and Marcus have two more channels, Dobre Brothers and Dobre cars. They make content with their older siblings, Cyrus and Darius on those channels. According to reports, Dobre Twins have a net worth of almost $22 million.

sddefault Dobre Twins

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Recently, they came under fire for an insensitive prank video.

In a recent video, Dobre Twins decided to prank their family. At the beginning of the video, Lucas reads a fake suicide note from Marcus, who tells him to share it with everyone on YouTube. Similarly, he asks him to share their wealth with the family and keep the channel alive for the fans. In the end, he also told Lucas to check the backyard for a clue. After that, Lucas of Dobre Twins calls his elder brother, and they all try to find clues about Marcus’ whereabouts. When they check the backyard, they find a RIP symbol. However, in the end, Marcus comes on the screen to tell everyone that it was a prank and he flew to LA alone.

Dobre Twins

After the Dobre Twins video came out, people expressed their anger.

Although Dobre Twins intended to make the video funny, it did not turn out that way. According to people, suicide is a sensitive topic and should not be made fun of. People expressed their anger and disappointment in the Dobre Twins in the comment section. According to one person:

A great example of why it’s stupid for YouTube to have taken out the dislike feature.

Meanwhile, another one said:

This is the most messed up. As someone who has actually been through this, this is actually just the worst. Losing my brother was the worst thing I’ve ever gone through, and I’ve gone through a lot. This is actually just garbage.

Another person pointed out how messed up is the idea for this video.

Similarly, many people shared their personal experiences with suicide and pointed out that Dobre Twins are the worst kind of role model for young kids.

Despite the massive backlash, Dobre Twins chose to stay quiet and not respond to the controversy at all.

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