Dixie D’Amelio shuts down cheating rumors fueled by Griffin Johnson’s fans

Dixie D’Amelio, TikToker and singer, has been going through some rough times these days. Many people on Twitter keep coming for her when they try to dissect her every single move/tweet. Dixie is a straight-forward girl who does not like lies and deceits. She also likes her friends to be honest with her, and her true fans know that. Recently, she broke up with her boyfriend (more like a temporary fling) Griffin Johnson. Receipts of Griffin cheating on Dixie started hitting the internet. The unhappy Griffin fans did not like it one bit, and they attacked Dixie D’Amelio by accusing her of cheating on Griffin with Noah Beck (from Sway House). In response, Dixie has once again proved that she can handle her haters on her own.

Dixie D’Amelio shutting down Griffin Johnson and his fans

People were speculating about their breakup until Dixie confirmed it in one of her latest vlogs on YouTube. The video was titled “my last date with Griffin” and it really was her last date with him. Though they already broke up before the vlog was uploaded, however, Dixie did not let her break up affect her uploading schedule.

That was the only confirmation her fans needed at the time. It was official, another power couple of TikTok broke up and the fans lost all the hope. But some were still there hoping for a miracle, or just some spicy news. They started shipping Dixie with Noah Beck when a few clips of them together started to make rounds on the internet. A screenshot of Dixie, allegedly holding hand of Noah, hit the internet soon and almost all of Griffin Johnson’s fans went after her.

The rumor of Dixie cheating on Griffin was further fueled by Griffin Johnson’s cryptic tweets that are now deleted.

Griffin Johnson

Soon, Griffin’s friend Carson Bohling also posted this on his Instagram.

He also insinuated that he knew the truth about Griffin Johnson and Dixie D’Amelio, further fueling the cheating rumors.

The screenshot of Dixie “holding hands” with Noah Beck was thrown back at the accusers when the original video of them walking together was shared.

Dixie D’Amelio clapped back at the haters for accusing her of cheating.

What happened to Grixie?

There are new receipts being shared by a few people on Twitter who claim that they knew about Griffin Johnson cheating on Dixie D’Amelio since the beginning. We all know he took time to confirm his relationship and officially ask her out as a girlfriend. However, the cheating allegations do seem to make some sense considering the timeline.

Chase Hudson accused Griffin for cheating on Dixie in the list of names he posted on Twitter as a reaction to the hate he was receiving for kissing Nessa Barrett. Chase is ex-boyfriend of Charli D’Amelio and Nessa is ex-girlfriend of Josh Richards.

Now, Griffin posted this on Twitter and the comments have people coming at him with receipts.

Here are some of the receipts:


There are more receipts of Griffin Johnson asking a girl for her toe pictures, and telling her that he is single. Both also unfollowed each other, however, they are back to following each other again and fans are confused


Griffin Johnson’s fans also claim that these receipts do not prove anything. Do you think there is more to the story? Let us know your thoughts on the whole situation in the comments below.

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