Dixie D’Amelio shades ‘Hair By Chrissy’ after getting her hair color changed?

Charli D’Amelio forces Dixie D’Amelio to spill the beans on her hair condition

So as you all know both the D’Amelio sisters have started their very own podcast by the name of ‘2 Chix’. They talk about a lot of stuff in this podcast that we have never heard before. So in one of the recent podcasts, Charli urges Dixie to talk about her hair extensions.

“Charli: Dixie, I see you have hair extensions.

Dixie: Yes, I do.

Charli: Who did those hair extensions?

Dixie: Stop.”

And obviously, Charli being Charli couldn’t let her sister go just like that. So Dixie really had to say something about her hair extensions which she got from Hair by Chrissy a few weeks ago.

“Dixie: I don’t know if my hair is falling out but I think it’s falling out from them. So I am kind of scared. Listen, I am losing hair, but it’s like connected to the extensions.”

A lot of people still don’t know how and why Dixie got rid of her hair extensions when she loved them the most. So a guy named Jase posted a video on his Tiktok in which he used a clip of Charli and Dixie’s 2 Chix podcast. And this video also made its way into the Tiktokroom.

@swainsch Dixie went to Hair by Crispy and now her HAIR IS FALLING OUT LMAO #hairby_chrissy #hairbycrispy ♬ original sound – Sarah

A few hours ago Dixie D’Amelio posted her new look on her Instagram and she looks absolutely stunning. And no, this time she didn’t go to ‘Hair By Chrissy‘ to get her hair fixed. Instead, she went to Nine Zero One Salon and they fixed her hair and dyed it silver.

And guess what Noah said about Dixie’s hair transformation? Obviously something super cute (hehe).

“Sheesh..I’m lucky.”

And a lot of fans think Dixie D’Amelio is glowing with this new hair color. Anyway, we really love her new hair. Though ‘Hair by Chrissy‘ has not made any comments on the video which is shared by the TikTokroom. But a lot of their customers have been calling them out for not following the Covid-19 SOPs.

One of the stylists even made some racist remarks about a woman of color. This is something that has happened in the past as well. They have been doing it for a really long time and a lot of people said that Hair By Chrissy avoids taking clients of color.

Fans and clients are waiting for Hair Chrissy’s public apology. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see what they have to say about this whole messed-up situation.

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