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Dixie D’Amelio claps back at Griffin Johnson with ‘This you’ trend & receipts of cheating

Dixie D’Amelio ‘Conveniently’ claps back at Griffin Johnson with a Tiktok video. Some of you might know that Dixie D’Amelio and Griffin Johnson broke up a couple of weeks ago. Dixie was the one to call it quits after some of her fans started sharing some receipts on social media. Which clearly proved that Griffin was cheating on Dixie. And at the same time, some fans who were supporting Griffin claimed that Dixie is the one who first cheated on him. When ‘The Hollywood Fix’ shared a video of Dixie and Noah Beck hanging out together. Anyways, long story short,  these two had an indirect twitter spat. And then Griffin even apologized to Dixie and said he only wants her to be happy. But the whole story took a 360 degrees turn when Dixie released ‘Be Happy‘ remix music video starring Noah Beck. And Griffin was really quick to release the diss track ‘Convenient‘ at her and Noah in return.

Griffin Johnson’s diss track ‘Convenient’

Griffin Johnson just made a diss track ‘Convenient’ in response to Dixie’s ‘Be Happy’ remix starring Noah Beck. Both songs came out the same day. While Dixie had already announced the music video release with a teaser and behind-the-scenes video, Griffin surprised with a release without a teaser.

Now let’s take a look at the lyrics.

“I’m not here to say I’m sorry

I’m not even gonna ask

You’re the one who didn’t want me

But I ain’t tryna win you back.”

Uhh Ohh, there seems to be a lot of trouble in paradise. But we are not done yet.

“She said I cheated but that’s just fuc*ed up

But you believed it ain’t that convenient…

You don’t think I NO-AH but I know a little bit..”

Alright, so Griffin seems really unhappy with Dixie and Noah. But according to the proofs and facts, he is the one who cheated on Dixie. So we don’t really know why he is trying to make Dixie and Noah look bad.

When Dixie was asked about the Griffin’s diss track by The Hollywood Fix, she replies with a ‘shrug’.

“Dixie: You know it’s really hard. I can’t sleep at night.”

Charlie on the other hand had a really brutally honest response. She said, “Didn’t he cheat? That’s weird”.

Griffin on the other hand is not stopping anytime soon, because he is making a toe song which will be releasing in a few days.

Dixie D’Amelio replies to diss track with a ‘This you’ trend

Now we all know that Dixie was trying to act like a mature person but Griffin’s diss track and indirect tweets must be giving her a headache. So it’s about time that she took a bold step and put Griffin back in his shoes with a ‘This you’ trend.

Is it safe to say that Dixie is really the Queen of Receipts? She clapped back at Griffin by using his own diss track ‘convenient’ in which he is shading Dixie and Noah. And the description deserves an Oscar. Dixie points towards all the receipts compiled in the video and even lip-synced a few bits.

And guess who posted a first few comments on Dixie’s video? Well, her baby sister Charli, Harry Jowsey, Thomas Petrou, and many more. But Charli’s comment clearly stood out from the rest because she tagged Griffin and asked him ‘this you’? And Harry being Harry put some more coals in the BBQ grill by commenting ‘She really said: this you’.

Charli said this you

Mia Hayward, Willi Wonka, Ryland Storms, and many other people also commented on Dixie’s video. This video has actually earned its place in the Tiktok room.

Let us know what do you guys think about Dixie’s ‘This you’ video?

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