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Dixie D’Amelio calls ex-boyfriend Griffin Johnson ‘dumb’ and ‘immature’

On May 19th, an episode of the BFFs podcast with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards, Dixie D’Amelio spoke about what it was like being in a relationship with Griffin Johnson. Dixie and Griffin have been broken up for a year. It seems like both of them have moved on, since Dixie is in a relationship with Noah Beck. Until some time ago, it seemed like everything was fine between the two of them. But then Dixie’s single “F*ckboy” came out and people started wondering who could it be about? Fans were pretty sure that she would not gain inspiration from her loving boyfriend Noah. So it had to be her ex-boyfriend, Griffin Johnson.

Dixie D’Amelio and Griffin Johnson’s relationship

In February 2020, rumors started about two of them dating when they posted a TikTok video together. It became official the same month. The couple said that they had been talking for at least six months before getting into a relationship. However, they split up last summer in July 2020. The rumors were that Griffin apparently cheated on Dixie.

Dixie spills tea on BFFs podcast after her song’s release

So, coming back to Dixie’s song. She addressed the rumors on the BFFs podcast. She cleared the speculation that the song was about anyone in Dixie’s life. In fact, the song was written by Olivia O’Brien (singer and songwriter).

Dixie D’Amelio shared:

It is a general statement. it is not about anyone in particular. I mean, every girl has dealt with a f*ckboy.

Well, she is not wrong about this one. Every girl has dealt with a f*ckboy once in her life. After this, Dave Portnoy asks “Is Griffin a F*ckboy?”

Dixie D’Amelio had a rather interesting reply:

I am not friends with him really. But there is no bad blood.

She was also asked how she would rate Griffin as a f*ckyboy on a scale of 1-10. D’Amelio gave Griffin a solid five and said:

It was just like a dumb immature relationship, We shouldn’t have been dating in the first place. He was just dumb and immature.

Well, that escalated quickly! If you can count on anyone for being honest and unfiltered, it’s Dixie D’Amelio. Love her or hate her, one can’t help but respect her for being honest.

The reason Griffin Johnson and Dixie D’Amelio broke up was because Griffin apparently cheated on Dixie. Even though Griffin tried to “expose” her relationship with his friend Noah Beck by ‘Convenient’. Dixie D’Amelio set the record straight by showing all the “receipts” of how Griffin cheated on her while they were in a relationship. In response, he admitted to making mistakes and a had a bit of a meltdown on Twitter. But ultimately the two moved on.

Let’s see how he reacts this time to Dixie’s comments about him. Currently, he’s the least controversial TikTok star and isn’t trying to stir any drama with others. Something that at least we can say is mature.

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