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Peppa Pig Might Be Animal Farm In Reality

Did you Realize Peppa Pig has Fascist Undertones?

If you’re a parent of a toddler or a kid between the ages of a few months and 10, you might know of this adorable cartoon Peppa pig. It’s about a young female pig named Peppa who has a simple ordinary life with her young brother George and her friends. But you might have noticed some odd things about the seemingly innocent cartoon show. First, all the walking, talking sentient animals are mammals; the reptiles and birds aren’t. Secondly, why does Miss Rabbit do every job in the town? The answers to these may suggest that Peppa Pig may reveal something dark about the show. So, let’s dive in! Apologies in advance for ruining the innocent image associated with Peppa Pig.

A blogger Jef Rouner once wrote an elaborate explanation of how Peppa Pig is a scary reality of a post-apocalyptic world. It’s one where humanity has been wiped out, and mammals are now at the top of the food chain. You must have realized that all the talking animals are pigs, cats, dogs, zebras, cows, gazelles, and sheep. Guess who isn’t talking? All of the reptiles and birds in the show. They’re just a source of food and pets for these mammals. Moreover, the main animals are primarily ones that humans have domesticated in the current world. So, it’s having fascist undertones is not far-fetched. George Orwell’s Animal Farm is a famous depiction of fascism and an authoritarian government system in classical literature.

And guess who was running the whole town? Pigs. And the show is called Peppa pig. Coincidence? I think not.

The story revolves around how a few pigs overthrow the humans and give all animals freedom, ultimately becoming the same authoritarian rulers that the humans were. No wonder Peppa Pig revolves around the pig protagonists.

What About Miss Rabbit?

What About Miss Rabbit on Peppa Pig
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All right, this is a personal theory I have on Miss Rabbit. Everyone who has seen at least an episode or two of Peppa Pig always wonders why Miss Rabbit is doing every job in the town. She’s the person you call when you need to rescue something, the shopkeeper, the librarian, the owner of the Ice-Cream stall, the taxi driver, the bus driver, carnival ticket keeper, to name just a few. Miss Rabbit is practically running the whole town!

But hypothetically, if there is an authoritarian government in place that’s controlling everything, then they have a system to keep an eye on everything. That’s where the innocent Miss Rabbit comes in. There is not one but multiple Miss Rabbits running around, ensuring everything runs smoothly, and no one tries to question the government. Maybe Peppa and her innocent friends are not aware of this. Of course, Miss Rabbit’s sinister motives are hidden under the guise of warmth and friendliness.

Or maybe, we’re overthinking this a bit. But it’s just a compelling theory. Let us know what you think about this whole Peppa Pig situation.

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