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Democrat Joe Biden Sexual Assault Allegations, Joe Rogan Reacts

Democrat Joe Biden sexual assault allegations by former aide Tara Reade are the talk-of-the-town a the moment. YouTube JRE‘s Joe Rogan has an interesting take on it.

While talking about the new sexual assault allegation, Joe Rogan highlighted the Liberals’ double standards for endorsing the former US Vice-President. He believes they’re going against their “Believe All Women” slogan by supporting him.

This just goes to show the hypocrisy [endorsement by Vermont Sen Bernie Sanders] of Liberals. They’re not coming after him while they were coming after everyone else. They want him to be the representative of the Democratic party.

Senator Bernie Sanders endorsed Joe Biden for President during the election campaign’s live stream.

UFC commentator also believes that people should not jump to conclusions right away and give one a chance to clear their position in such serious accusations. He was referring to the whole Joe Biden -Tara Reade situation.

I’m not saying this woman is a liar but for sure women have lied about being sexually assaulted. Also for sure, men have sexually assaulted women. These two are not mutually exclusive and go hand in hand.

He continues by disagreeing with the “Believe all women” stance. He thinks it makes no sense.

Believing in this slogan means believing in all people and “All people” include liars, rapists, and criminals too. It is a crazy thing to say. You can’t believe in all men or all women.

What is Joe Biden accused of?

According to Fox News, Ms. Reade was assaulted by her boss in 1993. She shared the [Graphic] details of the incident on The Katie Halper Show on March 26, 2020.

He went down my skirt and then up and inside. He penetrated me with his fingers and was kissing at the same time. He said: “C’mon man! I heard you liked me.”

The Democratic candidate’s representatives have denied all accusations.

Joe Biden’s thoughts in an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2016 are quite the opposite of all these allegations. He thinks there’s nothing manly about a man who forces himself over a woman.

No means no. If a woman says no or can’t respond because she’s under the influence or anything then it’s rape. It’s a simple proposition. Any man who takes a drunk woman up the stairs in a fraternity house is a coward.

Joe Biden’s views on the subject were rather clear and these latest accusations paint a different picture of him. There’s no further information available on the subject at the moment. Dankanator will keep you informed.

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