Demi Lovato’s Drug Dealer Was Arrested Twice

Popular singer Demi Lovato's dealer Brandon Johnson was arrested twice before she overdosed on the drugs he had been providing her.

Popular singer, Demi Lovato’s drug dealer was reportedly arrested twice. Lovato, who was recently released from the hospital spent two weeks there after she overdosed on drugs. And apparently, her drug dealer was rounded up by the police two times before this happened.

Brandon Johson | Demi’s Drug Dealer was Arrested

Demi Lovato’s dealer, Brandon Johnson was arrested for possession of guns and narcotics. For the charges of driving under influence. According to reports, the painkiller Oxycodone on which Demi Lovato overdosed was provided to her by Johnson. In fact, he also smoked with her after she called him in the morning that she relapsed.

Narcotics, $10,000 cash, and also a loaded gun was discovered when the police raided Brandon’s place. Not just that, but a larger supply of drugs and weapons were also gathered from the property. But whether Johnson was charged at that time or not is still not clear. Before this, Johnson was arrested back in June for possessing cocaine and charges of DUI.

Rumours Demi Lovato was Dating Brandon

Other than being Demi Lovato’s drug dealer, rumors claim that the two were romantically involved. Sources suggest that they got close ever since they started talking in April. One source added the romance element to their bond.

Ever since Demi Lovato got hospitalized, more information was revealed about all this. A few hours before she relapsed, Lovato attended a party. And Brandon Johnson brought the drugs there. The painkiller Oxycodone is believed to be laced with Fentanyl. This is reportedly the drug that killed Prince and rapper Lil Peep. It was further disclosed that Brandon Johnson had a habit of purchasing these tainted drugs from Mexico.

Drug Dealer Fled When she Overdosed

Even though Demi Lovato’s drug dealer was smoking with her when she overdosed, he fled as soon as he noticed that she was breathing heavily. The singer was left to be later discovered by her staff when she was hospitalized immediately. She was revived by Narcan before she was taken to the hospital where she stayed for two weeks of recovery.

The pop star released a public message when she came out. And her family has been trying to minimize external distractions and communications so that Demi Lovato can focus on her health.

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