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Demi Lovato and James Charles Collab Amidst Her Recovery

The most iconic duo of all times is here- James Charles did a collab with Demi Lovato and did her makeup for a quick glam.

The internet just went crazy and we don’t blame them- the most iconic duo is here. Beauty vlogger James Charles just did a collab with singer Demi Lovato. And could it get any better? Charles surprised fans by uploading a picture with the beloved singer online. And both of them look fantastically glammed up. The caption alongside the picture made it pretty evident that he worked on both of them. However, it’s not sure yet whether it is for an upcoming video, or Demi dropped by for a casual makeover.

But needless to say, fans are terribly excited about either option. What makes this collab even more special is that it’s probably Demi’s first public sighting ever since her overdose back in July. People are unbelievably glad to see that the singer is doing so much better, and so good now!

James Charles Gives Demi Lovato a Makeover

Considering that this was Demi’s first proper public sighting, fans were super excited. Although nobody can say for sure if they came together to collab for an upcoming video or if was it just a casual Saturday makeover hangout. But Twitter was caught up as fans expressed their delight.

Let’s wait and see if any more videos or pictures from this incredible collab come out way. Or let’s hope that they do!

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