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Deborah Harkness Defends 'A Discovery Of Witches'

Deborah Harkness Defends ‘A Discovery Of Witches’

Thankfully for Deborah Harkness’ All Souls Trilogy fans, the first season of A Discovery Of Witches was an incredibly faithful adaptation of the original work. The show’s audience unanimously agrees that Teresa Palmer and Matthew Goode starrer was in several ways better than the original novel. In fact, any difference in opinion has been ruled out but the All Souls author Deborah Harkness herself. Recently, in light of the several speculations around A Discovery Of Witches Season 2, it’s air date and cast, an All Souls Trilogy fan took a jibe at the show’s divergence from the original volume.

The criticism thankfully proved of no avail. Deborah Harkness pointed out that A Discovery Of Witches made no mistakes in getting her books right. As a matter of fact, the author had herself overseen the show’s development, narration and presentation. Around the same time, Harkness also announced that new cast and crew members would join A Discovery Of Witches for its Season 2.

Deborah Harkness Slams Fan For Criticising A Discovery Of Witches

The show, which finds its name from the first part of the All Souls Trilogy: A Discovery Of Witches, will launch its season 2 later this year. The enthusiasm around the upcoming show’s launch is real; enticing the attention of both critics and fans. Several fans are satisfied with the divine similarities between the book and the show. But some others aren’t very keen on a second season. Citing the show’s upcoming season premiere, a fan wrote that he was disappointed with the way the TV adaptation failed to stay hinged to its source material. The fan even pointed out that the mistakes were probably caused by time and money constraints. In response to the criticism, Harkness slammed the fan. She reprimanded the Twitter-user by mentioning that she had collaborated in churning out a faultless take on her work.

Season 2 Will See Two New Cast And Crew Additions

Deborah Harkness also announced that a few new characters and crew members will soon join the TV adaptation of her work. Shameless and Black Mirror star Adelle Leonce will enter the show as Phoebe Taylor. Taylor is an art curator, who will be the love interest of Marcus (Edward Blumel). Leonce’s Phoebe is tactful and polite, both at once. She convincingly manipulates her purposeful wit to get her way. In the books, Phoebe appeals to Matthew with her sharp-wittedness. Eventually getting him to acknowledge her talent.  Matthew Goode

Apart from Adelle Leonce, Farren Blackburn will also join A Discovery Of Witches for its Season 2. But unlike Leonce, Blackburn will not be seen on the screen. Blackburn has stepped in to direct not one but five episodes of A Discovery Of Witches Season 2. Blackburn- who has earlier helmed episodes for Luther, Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Doctor Who– will continue his tryst with the supernatural on Sky One’s knockout series.

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